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Ten Mind Numbing Facts About Vase With Five Sunflowers | Vase With Five Sunflowers

In this article I will show you how to create a stunning vase with five sunflowers. Sunflowers have always been beautiful and there is an ancient saying that says “the beauty of the garden is the reflection of the heart”. This means that if you have a really pretty heart you can reflect this beauty into your home by decorating your living space with artwork of the utmost beauty. One of the most popular art forms for decorating is the vase or small sculptures. In the world of interior design this is probably the most versatile material you could use.

The first step to make this vase with five sunflowers works is to gather all of your supplies together. This means you need to have a large sunflower works which is preferably made from natural materials, such as bamboo, a variety of twigs and branches, a large flat wooden bowl or box and a few large sunflower seeds. You can also choose to collect some smaller sunflower works but it would be easier to collect the larger ones because they are easier to preserve. You will also need some medium stiff paper or card for the inside of the vase and scissors or a very sharp pair of scissors. You may prefer using an old rug or an old blanket to protect your flooring.

Next you will need to decide what shape and size you would like. In this case we will start with the traditional sunflowers that are seen in most gardens, such as the ones in Gauguin's painting “Starry Night”. In this version, the five flowers are in the original position facing one another. The january 1889 image has five sunflowers arranged in a traditional sunflower style.

When I was young I used to sit on my grandmothers knee and follow her every step as she went up and down the stairs. One day while she and I were looking through old photographs my grandma showed me the one she had hung over her bed. It was a beautiful intricately designed vase with five sunflowers tightly grouped in a sunflower pattern. I liked the way the individual flowers were arranged and I imagine many other people would also. If you have a similar design in mind then why not create your own unique canvas using a sunflowers oil painting?

To make your own canvas you will need a large enough area to hold your creation, an easel to hold your work and the correct size paper (your choice of size will depend on your intended audience). The size of your work will depend on whether it is to be hung on your wall or hung on a table top. Do keep in mind that when you are choosing the right size your work must not be too small. Some artists find it difficult to obtain a large enough canvas to finish a large oil painting and some artists prefer to use different sizes depending on their audience.

To prepare your canvas for hanging, first remove the protective sheet in your frame. Next place a yellow background on the front of your chosen size. Next draw or paint any sunflowers that you wish to include. Most artists like to add some smaller yellow sunflowers around the larger ones for added impact. If you wish to add more Sunflowers to your painting then you could consider tracing sunflowers from old photographs.

Print your sunflower canvas using either a digital printer or ink and paper. Print on both sides with black ink. Your print should be framed by a gold framed background. You should have enough extra paste to fill in the spaces between the sunflowers if necessary. If you intend to use your oil painting as a birthday or Christmas gift then this will be a great addition to your personal or family album. Print the correct size image onto your desired canvas and frame it accordingly.

Oil paintings, especially those that are based on still life paintings are normally quite inexpensive. There are several art galleries online where one can view many different still life paintings for prices and quantities. This would be your best bet for finding an affordable priced oil painting. Vases with sunflowers can be purchased at any local hardware store or department store for very reasonable prices.

Van Gogh – Vase mit fünf Sonnenblumen Poster – Vase With Five Sunflowers | Vase With Five Sunflowers