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The History Of Frida Kahlo

A SONGwriter's life, FRAIDA Kahlo changed completely during World War II. When America went to war she was one of the many thousands of women in Europe who risked everything to fight for her country. When the war was over she settled in Paris, but life was not easy. After the war she experienced what many other women worldwide have, and that is, trauma. Writing in her diary FRAIDA Kahlo reveals how she coped with this trauma and how the art she created would provide some of her peace of mind.

“Books have their own way of bringing reality into your consciousness. They are a refuge to a world that seems to come alive when you read it” – Victor Hugo

The most revealing moments of FRAIDA Kahlo's career were her trips to New York City. During one of these escapades, she managed to bump into Mario Puzo. He was working on an adaptation of Don Quixote, and he invited her over to his studio. This would be the start of an extraordinary friendship that would end up changing the face of the world forever. The two became friends and spent time together.

Although Mario Puzo is primarily remembered as the author of one of the most beloved plays of all time, there is more to him than just literature. Born in Poland he was also one of the first writers to experience European travel, and in that way he learned the language and the culture of Europe. It was said that the writer never really felt his Jewish heritage until he had lived in it for six years. As a result of this and other factors, Puzo became one of the very first writers to write about the Shoah, or the holocaust. This would in time become the standard against which all writers would strive.

In her first book, FRAIDA, Kahlo was interested mainly in Jewish art. She had grown up in Germany where anti-Semitism was widespread, and had experienced plenty of anti Semitism. So her focus on Jewish art came as a surprise to her German publisher, although she felt the need to include other cultures and ethnic groups in her writing. As a result FRAIDA was her first book to win the International Book Prize, and this would propel her to international stardom. Without question, FRAIDA and all of Kahlo's work would endure long past the death of her mother.

Two other of her novels that are still available are CINDICE and SUGAR RIBE. CINDICE was written while she was filming her film B MERCER with Curt Coleman, and this led to a long and illustrious career which would see her create twelve more films all of which were successful. In addition to her filmography she also had several books to her credit including the picture books BIALA II. Although both books were produced while she was making B MERCER, Sugar Ribe was actually her last film of hers. As a result of Sugar Ribe she was able to complete her great novel, which she completed before her death from cancer, which she intended as a testament to her life and to the memory of those who loved her.

While there is some dispute about whether Sugar Rigo was written by Frida Kahlo or not, neither side can be right. The fact of the matter is that both wrote a considerable amount of their work after they were together, in other words, Frida Kahlo co-authored SUGAR RIBE. However, the greatest evidence that proves that both writers collaborated is the fact that both were awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970. It goes without saying that a collaboration between an author and an artist is very rare, but in this case it is true.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that Kahlo was one of the most respected and famous people of her time, and that her artwork was breathtaking. However, the most important thing to know about Frida Kahlo is that her life and art had lasting effects on generations of people. For anyone interested in art, or in life in general, Frida Kahlo is a great place to start. Her artwork will stand the test of time, and even after all these years, people are still discovering the beauty of her work.

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