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Banksy Art

Banksy art is becoming increasingly popular among the many enthusiasts who love to decorate their homes with original paintings or sculptures. It seems that these days everyone is looking for original Banksy pieces, whether it be at a street side shop or online at an auction website. There are a lot of people who want to start collecting Banksy art but are not quite sure where to look. One thing you can do is try to find some of the works he has produced whilst living in Bristol. This way you can get a good idea of what he likes and dislike.

A piece called Sleep is a brilliant example of Banksy art that he has produced whilst living in Bristol. This particular piece is on display at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery until the end of next month. In the past, Bristol has hosted some of the world's best contemporary artists including the likes of Julian Clapson, Sir Paul Coward and Bristolian artist David Lebovitz. Many of today's most famous Bristol artists came through the Bristol School of Art.

Sleep is a famous Bristol street art piece painted by Banksy. It represents a scene in which a figure is lying on a beach that appears to be under water. The stripes in the paint that cover this white sand appear to be drifting off into the horizon. In the background you can see the broken remains of what appears to be a naval blockade runner. This is one of the most famous pieces of Banksy art as it was also displayed at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Another great piece of Banksy art that you should definitely take a look at is called Bodmin notebook. This particular work is made up of mostly handwritten words and images. The main subject matter is a family life in Bodmin, wether it be pictures of dogs or flowers. This piece was created sometime in the late nineties. It represents the life of young children that were growing up at that time within the Bristol city centre.

The Bristolian graffiti artist Banksy also has a piece titled wind chimes. This piece depicts a wind chime through the words written in Sanskrit on the piece. The chime is played back in the background by an electric fan. This Banksy art work is also located inside of a church. This piece was originally made for a festival at the USA church of St. Oneways.

One of the most famous Bristol street art pieces is called sleep. This work represents a dark room lit only with a candle. A figure is lying down on the floor facing the ceiling. A piece of fabric is stuck across his eyes and on top of his head.

Bristol city is also home to another famous Bristol street art work called Dragon's tail. This Bristol street art piece represents a dragon Tail painted on a wall which is located at the corner of Commercial Street and Bristol High Street. The Bristolian artist who created this piece named David Rennie is based in Bristol. Other notable Bristolian street artists who have created impressive pieces of art include Frank Moss, Dan Christensen and loads more.

Banksy art pieces are everywhere you look in Bristol. They cover almost every wall of the city and in the entire city limits. Due to the popularity of Banksy's pieces people from all around the world come to Bristol to check out these Bristolian street arts. You can also see many street arts performed by local artists all across the UK.
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