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Easy Cactus Painting

Easy Cactus Painting byOB is strictly limited to wine and beer no hard liquor please. This is the third installment of a three part series on growing easy to grow plants. In the first article, I discussed the benefits of growing easy to grow plants at home in containers. In the second article I discussed how to plan your garden and prepare the soil.

In this easy cactus painting I will discuss the final step in preparing for the paint job. To prepare the painting area, remove all the pebbles, rocks, or broken pieces from the ground. I usually do this behind the house. The grass should be completely cut off in order to prepare it for painting. Make sure you wash the grass before beginning the painting process.

The best thing to prepare is your plants. If you have not already, grow a few of your easy cactus plants. In addition, it makes good gardening practice to prune your young plants just before spring. Pruning can prevent your spring cactus plants from producing too much new growth which will result in a shorter blooming time for your painting ideas.

Prepare the painting surface by covering the area with a clear plastic sheet. This will help protect your painting surface from scratches and prevent the acrylic paints from soaking in. Next, apply medium density fiber board (MDF) or wood putty to the exposed areas of the canvas. The MDF provides a smooth, non-marking surface for the artist. The amount of MDF to be used will depend on the size of your spring cactus.

The next step in your easy cactus painting process is to remove any existing trim and allow it to dry. Some people like to leave a small amount of trim as it can be painted over later. With your MDF or wood putty, fill in any remaining gaps and smooth out any sharp edges on your cactus. You may need to sand any uneven areas to get them even and smooth.

You are now ready to begin painting. Take a palette with the same color and intensity of green as your green cactus. A large sponge or paintbrush is used to apply the green paint. Make sure your brush is clean and oil free before beginning painting. This will ensure that the paint will hold onto your paint well.

After filling in all the blanks, you will need to apply a coat of black paint to your cactus. Along with the black lines, use magenta and white to create some black detail. You should now have a professional looking piece of art that can be used for your patio cover or other area that you would like to protect.

These are just a few simple cactus painting ideas that anyone can do. Acrylics make the process so much easier than oil paints and they are much less messy. Using acrylics is a great way to give any garden a more professional look without spending an outrageous amount of money. If you find yourself with lots of green space in your yard, consider using these techniques to create a beautiful living wall or patio cover. No matter what style or design you choose, you are guaranteed to get tons of enjoyment from this simple hobby. You can even take it outside and turn your simple cactus into a stunning decorative accessory.

One way to create the color of grass you see in the yard is to paint the cactus with a lighter magenta on a white background. The lighter color will provide a background that will help it stand out from the rest of the grass. Then you can add a darker version of the lighter color as a border by painting two lines down the center of the cactus about an inch apart. This will form a darker border as well as accent the border with lighter colored grass. Use a combination of lighter and darker hues to really enhance the depth of the field.

Some other great cactus and container paintings include: prickly pear cactus, large red cactus, tall red cactus, and california cactus. These are just a few ideas that are sure to spark your imagination and bring a smile to your face. While you may have never considered putting up these types of cactus before, you are sure to come to love them once you start decorating with them. It will give you a sense of reward for your hard work all throughout the year. You will enjoy looking at your garden every day and seeing the fruits of your labor. You can even use your cactus paintings as a place to write some inspirational quotes for yourself or to give to friends and family.

If you need additional help with learning how to go about this project, there are plenty of books available to help you along. Even the basics can be learned with the right teaching material to allow you to finish this painting on your own. However, it might be helpful to buy a few instructional videos if you feel overwhelmed and are having trouble getting it done on your own. Easy cactus and Spring Cactus Painting will give you years of enjoyment from creating this beautiful piece of art.

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