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Easy Galaxy Painting

Easy Galaxy Painting is the name of my easy-to-use tool to create works of art using a little bit of creativity and also a lot of speed. If you have ever painted a real galaxy, then you might have experienced how very much time consuming and complex it is especially if you are trying to emulate the look and feel of real gases. If you have ever painted with a brush or a pad then without any doubt, you will agree that painting a galaxy on the surface of a flat surface can be a very difficult process, and even when you think about painting a small scale model of galaxy, it seems that it is even more difficult.

Now, I am sure that you have considered purchasing some sort of a brush or a palette in order to be able to paint the canvas in a more easy way. However, this idea did not come to you immediately. To begin with, let me give you a couple of quick tips before we move on. You should always work with an acrylic paint on a very clean canvas. You can easily wipe the canvas with a wet piece of paper towel. However, never use soap as a solution to clean the canvas as this can ruin the appearance of the painting.

Another tip for your easy galaxy painting is to make a wood slice of the required size. The advantage of using a wood piece is that you can easily remove it once the painting is done. You can even cut the wood piece to the required size according to the size of your desired galaxy. If you want to paint the first galaxy in a darker shade of purple, then you can start off by painting the canvas in a deep purple. Once you get the canvas ready, you can add highlights to it by adding a few drops of water.

It is very important for you to practice this easy galaxy painting technique with very small brushes. This technique will help you to attain a fine and detailed painting. One of the best tips of painting beginners is to use medium or brush strokes. This will provide you with a realistic effect on the canvas. You can also try using the different colors of acrylic paints.

For example, if you use a medium stroke, you should first put on some light purple color paint. Then, apply a small amount of purple paint onto the top portion of the canvas. Then, let the painting dry for about twenty minutes so that you can use your medium strokes. You can continue adding shades of purple until you achieve the desired effect.

An acrylic painting tutorial always shows you the right way to paint a specific picture. For instance, the method mentioned above is applicable for acrylic paintings. However, if you want to know how to paint a star with a very bright sky background, then you should learn to apply the tips given below. These tips will surely make your acrylic painting tutorial successful.

To create a nice aura, start painting the center part of your canvas in the light purple color. This will help you to provide a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. After that, apply a small amount of black craft paint on the inside part of the circle. You can continue adding shades of purple and black until you obtain the required intensity. Now, using your new craft paint, you can start painting the outer ring of the galaxy on the inside part of your canvas in the dark purple color.

Now, when your canvas is finished, you can stop adding more layers of black paint. Instead, apply a small brush stroke onto the inside area of your galaxy. You can use an old toothbrush to do so. If you have already painted your canvas black, you can switch back your toothbrush for a better effect. This was a very easy galaxy painting tutorial for you!

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