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Moon Paintings

Moon paintings are perhaps the most famous art form in all of Native American art. In fact, moon paintings by themselves have been used for hundreds of years to decorate homes, give gifts, and celebrate special occasions. They capture the essence of the natural nighttime sky and are a beautiful and meaningful way to decorate your home.

There are several types of moon-oriented artwork. Most commonly moon paintings are done with acrylic paints, which are sensitive to light and are easy to clean. The techniques involved in moon drawing are different than those used when doing other types of abstract or realistic paintings. While moon illustrations may not appear as detailed and vibrant as other type of paintings, their beauty still radiates from the canvas, adding a unique shimmer to any home or tribal room.

There are many different styles of moon-oriented paintings, but the most common are called the “night sky” or “nature” paintings. Many people use moon-oriented paintings to decorate their car's interior. A popular technique is to draw a large moon in the center of the painting and then fill it with stars and moon dust. Other people choose to create a abstract painting that contains animals and leaves. You can also add stars, moons, flowers, and many other elements to your painting to make it your own personal creation.

These types of moon art have many symbolic meanings. For example, the starfish is often depicted as a fish with its tail in the air, symbolizing one's freedom from earthly servitude. Others relate the moon to the Moon Goddess, Ashtanga, who is sometimes represented as a woman with an eye on the night sky. Other people believe the moon is connected to the number nine and the season of spring, and this connection is reflected in many types of moon paintings. Regardless of what type of meaning you choose for your moon-themed painting, the beautiful designs and colors you'll find will astound you and bring joy to your home.

There are several types of moon art you can choose from. Some people choose to commission abstract or illustrative paintings of the night sky. You can also purchase moon paintings that feature the various constellations. Either way, you can enjoy looking at the wonders of the night sky and see for yourself how closely they affect your daily life.

A number of artists now choose to paint moonlight images instead of the usual stars and moon. These images can be one of a kind pieces or you can choose to combine different types of moonlight in one painting. One artist, whose work I admire very much, paints moonlight abstractly and then uses it to create very intricate detail in a watercolor painting. Another woman created her own abstract moonlight oil painting using a watercolor palette and then blended it with natural colors to create a lovely layered effect. She then chose to add a small collection of colored glass beads in the lower portion of the painting for a floating effect.

Some moon paintings are more about exploring the effects of moonlight on people. One woman created a full size oil painting entitled Wicked Moon that features the artist standing in front of a full moon with her friend and fellow artist holding up her work of art. The painting is accompanied by an interesting caption which explains that the painting was made during a full moonlit night. You will notice that the painting has some similarities to the famous painting The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both paintings feature a white background with black candles floating in it, with the central image being a person lying prone on the floor with a chain around his ankles and a little girl sitting on his shoulder.

Other moon paintings are inspired more by nature. One woman created a full size watercolor painting entitled Cloudless Sky that features a number of clouds floating in a field of blue sky. The sky is outlined with a number of stylized cloud shapes that look like wispy clouds, all of which are moving in different directions. Another artist, Christina Perrin, made a full moon impression in her artwork entitled Morning Lights. This particular painting depicts a number of people lying on their backs while walking through a field of wildflowers, all of which are highlighted by the touch of sunlight shining through them on their foreheads and chests.

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