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Pollock Painting

One of the most prestigious art collectors of today, Jackson Pollock is known for his bold, striking paintings that are both innovative and unique. He is also famous for having created many works in the style of the Abstract Expressionists. His style and sense of creativity is reflected in his paintings which are always highly regarded for being a vision of originality. Many artists who admired his work during a period of his life when it was much under scrutiny, have also since expressed their admiration for him as well. In fact, many collectors consider him one of the most popular and respected American artists of all time.

The Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York has just become the latest museum to sell off an old major art piece to fund its conservation efforts. The original Jackson Pollock painting, Red Composition (1946), will be sold at an auction for between twelve thousand and fifteen thousand dollars. The description of the work by the artist states that the work is a “combination of the full glory and full splendor of the master.” The painting is entitled Cottage Garden and Red Combination. There are a number of other paintings in the series which will be sold for less than ten thousand dollars.

A Catalogue of Paintings: An Evening with Jackson Pollock (1947) includes eleven works that are divided into five groups. The first group contains a series of sketches, which were originally painted between October and December of 1947. The remaining artwork is considered to be Pollock's last completed works. They have been added to the catalogue as recent creations. This last group of paintings is also called The Evening with Jackson Pollock.

Some works in this series were originally painted as only black and red, or sepia. These paintings have been separated out from the rest of the set by what the artist termed “overdoing” the color. Overdoing is when an entire color space is used instead of just the primary hue. In this way the painting appears to have a sense of movement or depth. In addition to the evening painting there is also a cover painting entitled Home. This work was originally painted for the cover of a book by the same artist.

Other Works in the Pollock Art Collection: Two other paintings in this set entitled Twilight II both feature Pollock's famous red and orange palette. The palette is often referred to as the painter's signature as it is used throughout his career. Twilight II was redone along with the first painting for a later exhibition. At this exhibition he combined his technique of layering with the traditional use of monochromatic tones to create a spectacular work of art.

Art Prints from the Collection: Two additional paintings from the original set of Twilight were included in the compilation called The Courtship of Bees. These paintings, which date from the final year of Pollock's life when he produced eleven paintings of women with whom he served as a lover, are included here for their important historical value. As was noted previously, the subject matter was important in that Pollock was always interested in nature and this is reflected in the subject and style of these paintings. The flowers and insects of the garden within the painting have a sense of vitality about them which is characteristic of the style that Pollock loved.

Paintings and Prints from the Private Collection: Of the many paintings from the private collection, only The Courtship of Bees is complete and includes a preparatory sketch for the final painting. There is no evidence that Pollock had any preoccupation with the idea of creating this particular painting. All other paintings from the private collection date from the years following the completion of The Courtship of Bees. The subject matter of these paintings had more to do with color analysis and the ability to bring out the beauty of the various colors in the sky and the natural world than it did with creativity or the ability to please his viewer. In fact, many people commented that these paintings from the private collection were far below in quality as compared to the work of the masters.

Paintings from the Edwardian and Art Deco Period: Edwardian artists including John Singer created some of the most famous paintings from this period. They were famous for their use of vibrant colors and for unusual materials such as leafy greens, reds, oranges and yellows. However, they were not able to create the beauty that Pollock was capable of and this is evident by the fact that there are very few fully realized works from this time period. John Singer's paintings often appear similar to paintings done by Robert Rauschenberg but his style seems to have been much more dynamic. His works frequently featured landscapes.

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