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Simple Painted Rocks

If you like the look of simple painted rocks but hate the cleaning process, don't despair. There are ways that you can create these beautiful and rustic rocks at home with very little work. I am going to share some tips with you for creating your own masterpiece that you can take pride in for years to come. Once you get the hang of these easy rock painting techniques you will be able to create these same rocks every time without much effort.

There are many different types of simple painted rocks out there that you can use. You can even buy pre-painted ones or buy them already painted if you want. Some of the most popular include Buena Vista River, Cactus Valley and the Santa Rosa Mountains. These types of paintings will give any home a southwestern flair. Before you get started, make sure you have all the supplies you need so you can complete the project properly.

Many people start their own rock painting ideas by finding pictures of rocks online or from old western movies. There are many good books on this subject as well that have pictures to follow along with the steps. The best thing about creating these paintings is you can do them yourself, so you don't have to pay someone to help you. If you want a more detailed explanation of these painting ideas, I suggest buying “Rock Painting in the West” by Sue Tompkins.

After finding a few rock painting ideas that you like, it's time to get to work on the project. To begin with, make sure you have white paints or acrylics. Both of these types of paint will be easier to work with. Once you have these two working surfaces ready, you will want to take your colored rock and gently mix it into the paint. If you do not have a colored rock that you want to use, you can always mix a regular rock with the paint to create your own unique rock painting ideas.

To complete your first rock painting idea, you should add a border to the painting border area. This is usually done with some sort of tracing paper. For the most simple border ideas, you can just scatter some sand on the ground and then take your colored rock and dip it into the sand, so that you can create a border. Or, you may choose to make the border a geometric shape, so that your rocks look like they have been cut out of a piece of art.

For more intricate rock painting ideas, there are a couple of tools that you will definitely need. First, you will need an electric paint sprayer. You can purchase one of these fairly cheap, so this should not be an expense that you cannot afford. The next tool that you will want to purchase is a medium brush. Brushes come in all different sizes and shapes, so this should not be a problem.

When you are ready to begin painting, you will want to hold the brush close to the surface of the rock that you are going to paint. This is because you want to get as much paint on the brush as possible. Then, spray the entire surface of the rock with the paint sprayer. This is why you are only applying a small amount of the paint at a time; this keeps it from drying too much.

Simple painted rocks are very easy to make. If you have never used an electric paint sprayer before, you should try to use one that does not require that you hold it in your hand. There is nothing more frustrating than painting a rock that is so thick that your brush has no way to apply much paint to it. With a paint sprayer that is easy to use, you can easily paint your painted rocks and have them looking great in no time.

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