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Wassily Kandinsky

The name of Valentina wassily Kandinsky is quite common among art lovers, but nobody knows who this artist was. The real name was Aleksandr Pushkin. This famous artist had a great liking for art and all things Russian. After he had retired from painting, he traveled to Russia and spent considerable time there. He fell in love with the country and also its culture.

This famous artist spent almost one whole month in November of 1917, traveling from his home in St Petersburg to Viaticalovsk, from where he visited the famous Red Square in Moscow. While in Moskova he painted many beautiful and amazing images. After that he returned to St Petersburg and from there visited his friend Olga Rokitansky. They became great friends and began to paint together. The next year they began working on their famous abstract oil painting called “The Night Cafe”.

In 1918 the First World War broke out. This was a very terrible time for both wassily and Olga Rokitansky. Valentina was a very popular and respected Russian painter, while Olga was a much revered and revolutionary Russian poet. At this time everyone was trying to find ways to support the revolution. Most Russian artists were paid generously by the government, which was why many of them joined the army and fought against the Germans.

Once the war was over, Valentina was able to return to her home in St Petersburg. There she started work on her new paintings “The Night Cafe” and ” Siberia”. One of the most fascinating aspects of this painting is that it represents two totally different subjects. In the center of the painting you can see what looks like a cafe with a couple of bar girls serving coffee to customers. At the far left, we can see Olga's dead dog behind a locked door.

From the right we can see the remains of a wrecked house with people running towards it. We can also see supplies strewn all over the ground in front of the house. This house is part of an artist's studio in the town of Saint Petersburg (Nazarbayev), where Vasily Karanin was painting. The painting is part of the “Night Cafe” series which originally belonged to Valentina Karanin. From left to right in the painting we can see two women lying on the floor of a staircase with their legs crossed (the staircase is behind them).

After the First World War ended, Vasily Karanin moved to Paris and began to paint the abstract art which would become known as “Avant-garde Artwork”. At this point in his career Karanin became one of the most famous Russian painters of all time. This painting belongs to his ” Nocturne”. The colors used are extremely vivid and stand out amongst the rest of the work done during this period in Russia's history.

After this painting our attention shifts to another painting called “Mother”. Karanin was once again painting abstractly but this time for a Parisian salon belonging to his friend, Olga Rokitansky. Here he produced “Mother”. The colors used are strong and intense. As in the previous painting we can see a lot of Rokitansky's influence in this piece.

In conclusion we have seen that Vasily Karanin was a key figure in Russia's pre-occupation with color during the early period of his life. He went to great lengths to create his own style of abstract art. He was a keen observer of world war and would often describe what he was seeing to the painter, Olga Rokitansky. This led him to create a painting entitled Mother in the Fall. A september wrote this abstract masterpiece in the autumn of 1902 which depicted a ruined farmhouse with dead birds through the bird's feet and was a great inspiration for Vasily Karanin.

Wassily Kandinsky – Gewebe g3 3x3cm beeindruckendes Ölbild KunstDepot3 Ölgemälde und Bilderrahmen Berlin – Wassily Kandinsky | Wassily Kandinsky

Bild “Gelb – Rot – Blau” (3) von Wassily Kandinsky kaufen ars mundi – Wassily Kandinsky | Wassily Kandinsky

3art3 Wassily Kandinsky – Composizione VIII Poster Kunstdruck 300 x 3 cm – Wassily Kandinsky | Wassily Kandinsky