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Dragon Art

A DESCRIPTION. dragon art is an impressive, beautiful survey of magnificent modern fantasy art, particularly of dragons-the most famous of all fantasy animals. I was startled to see how much detail went into some of the modern depictions of dragons. When I first looked at some of the dragon art on display in London's galleries I was struck by how lifelike and well detailed the dragon really was. There was something wonderfully magical about them, and also a certain amount of mythological allure as well.

dragon art dates back to the very earliest times-perhaps as early as the age of Sanskrit, where dragons and other aquatic animals such as dolphins are often mentioned. Some of the most famous of Chinese dragons have been portrayed in Chinese paintings dating back over three thousand years ago. The dragon is of course one of the most ancient images in the world, and perhaps one of the most well known. It appears in numerous mythological stories from around the world, and was used in both ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology. In European mythology, the dragon was often depicted fighting against the son of Neptune, or Orpah.

Dragon artwork is very popular in Asian art as well. A EURODIAGE-ALLY SMALL CRAB caught beneath the scales of a gigantic dragon, or having its scales torn apart by a serpent these are common images, and are seen throughout most of the works by European artists of Asian descent. Of course, there is also the famous blue whale which captivates thousands of fishermen every year, and is represented by the great whale shark. However, there are also a great many dragons from ancient china, such as the Great Wall of China, or the tombstones found in tomb robbers' dens. It is clear that dragons have always been a part of the landscape of eastern culture, just waiting for the right moment to appear and sweep people off their feet.

One of the most feared beasts of all time, a white dragon is mentioned in many ancient Chinese texts, and was supposedly used as an element to ward against evil. The story of the Dragon Gate in particular is very similar to the story of the Forbidden City in Chinese history. Travelers to the city can walk through a long tunnel system of dragon statues and carvings. Another story from the Chinese annals, it says that when the Dragon Gate was built, it created an endless dragon dance. No one could see the end, but still, no one could see the end of the Dragon Gate.

The dragon has become a very important symbol in Chinese culture, and many ancient Chinese paintings have been greatly inspired by them. There are stories of how dragons saved someone's life, or how a dragon cured a sick man. Dragons were considered medicine, or the element that gave life. There are many dragon tattoo designs available today, and the meaning of each dragon tattoo often varies.

In Chinese culture, dragon tattoos have always symbolized good fortune and health, and these days you can even find dragon rings and plaques with names on them. The dragon is always seen as a positive and powerful creature. Dragons have always been linked with magic, and fortune. Many people in modern china would pray to the dragon to help them get through some difficult times in their lives. Dragon images are common in many forms of artwork, and they are used to ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity and abundance.

Dragon artwork began in the east, and spread into western china. Modern Chinese dragons also keep this ancient theme, and some Chinese dragons now even feature dragons in their names. The dragon has always had a great importance in the culture of China, and its no wonder that so much of the Chinese imagination is related to dragons. Dragon artwork is often seen in Chinese decor, murals, ceramics, wall murals, and even in traditional Chinese food, especially dragons.

There is much great symbolism in the art of the Chinese dragons, and most people that study this art agree that it holds an important place in the Chinese tradition. They are no longer just some mythical creature that is feared by everybody. In fact, the dragon is seen as one of the most powerful creatures, and every single time a dragon appears in the cultural tradition, it is treated with great respect and honor. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of people that are now proudly wearing dragon art. Some of the most famous examples of Chinese dragon art include the dragon screens, dragon bowls, and the dragon patterns.

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