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Easy Diy Paintings

This is a collection of my best and easiest DIY paintings. These are just small projects that I have completed recently. I have tried my best to be as accurate as possible with the information given. All the pictures were taken in my own home at my leisure. There are only a couple of lessons and they are very simple and basic.

The lesson of the first lesson is to know what type of picture to create using simple DIY painting techniques. The second lesson is the process involved in taking your original resolution photograph and transforming it into wall art. In this lesson we will cover what is called an “instant reproduction”. You might already have seen this technique on many wall art websites. If not, you will soon see why it is the fastest way to get your favorite photos onto your desired surface.

The fourth lesson is related to oil based paint. You need a selection of easy diy paintings to include in your home decor. After taking the photo you will need to convert this to a grayscale image. A good program for doing this is Adobe Photoshop Express.

With a program like this you will need to open your photo in Photoshop and then modify the color balance. Once you have completed this step you can use the adjust filter for color space and brightness. Next, select the channels to which you want your photo transferred. Using a dark brush you can now erase all of the background colors so that you have just the reds, greens and blues.

The fifth and final lesson is related to using the brush to create your own painting. In this lesson we will cover using the brush to paint on your canvas. We will cover different canvas care should you decide to use an actual brush to paint on your canvas. If you choose to use the brush to paint on your canvas you will need to know how many coats to paint the painting with. Some easy DIY paintings may only need one coat of paint.

Some of the painting techniques you can learn include layering, brush movement and sketching. You will also learn about painting with varying thickness and brush size. Many people who are not familiar with painting choose to purchase ready made canvas paintings at their local dollar store. However if you are looking for a less expensive alternative or even if you happen to be creating a one of a kind painting you might consider learning how to make your own canvas.

When making your own artwork you will find that the variety of paint colors and thinner and thicker paints available today is much greater than it was years ago. There are many brands and companies now offering paint that is specially formulated for the purpose of making art on canvas. The paint is water resistant and can be used on any surface that will accept oil paints.

The Internet is filled with great DIY ideas for everything from simple nail art designs to great looking oil paintings. If you do some research you will see that there are many different ways you can create your own unique artwork. You will also discover that the price of some of the more popular canvas painting ideas are very reasonable. Some are even a lot less expensive than professional oil painting. The great news is that you don't have to be a professional artist to create great artwork that can either be a great conversational piece or a wonderful addition to your home.

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