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Easy Dot Art

Easy Dot Art is a unique brand of self-installation photo-processing and print-making that gives you the ability to create some truly gorgeous images instantly. You simply follow the easy step by step instructions given in a video, and then print your finished work using a simple thermal transfer paper. Some of the images you will be able to create are ones with watercolors, acrylics, and even pencil drawing. If you're new to this, and have never done any dot painting before, I suggest you start off with one of the easier, less complicated pictures to practice on.

Easy Dot Art started when four adventurous souls decided to combine their love for pointillism with an easy method of self-installation. After months of testing and tweaking, they developed a powerful new way of getting creative with their images that no one else had thought to try. With it they combined three things that are very important to most people who enjoy this art style:

– Easy Dot Art was developed for the beginner since it eliminates a lot of the hard and confusing aspects of dot painting that so many people love and enjoy being able to do. Most beginners begin by doing traditional, professional looking paintings that take hours to complete. The ease with which you can paint using Easy Dot Art eliminates that problem and makes it easy for beginners to create their own designs. One example given in the video is a painting called Sea Life that incorporates several colors of aqua and oceanic colors that are all very easy to use. Using this technique you not only get great looking color combinations, but also have the added bonus of being able to paint just about anything.

– Another benefit of easy dot art mandala patterns and painting is that you don't have to be a master painter in order to create these works of art. With most of these types of techniques, all you need is a basic understanding of how to draw and color. All you need to know are the basics of how to apply your liquid color with your brush and how to blend it together to form lines and shapes. With the use of a simple drawing program you can learn to paint these art forms quickly and without any real risk of making mistakes or cutting yourself short of creating the exact design that you want.

– Easy Dot Art makes it very easy to create your own artwork from photographs and scanned items you find on the web. You can scan items you find in books you may own and then import them into a Easy Dot Art program. With the use of this software you can create your own unique picture that will look like a picture you've found online or scanned from a special event you've attended. You can then print these images out and frame them using the frame of your choice. These types of dot mandalas will look great framed as a decorative piece in your home.

– There are many different types of Easy Dot Art that you can use as a starting point when learning to draw a pointillism mandala. There are easy ones that are based on traditional cartoon style pointillism, easy dot ones that follow the ochre colored ink stroke of an older form of pointillism and even some modern style pointillism that uses black and white shadings over a black or gray base. With this wide array of styles you're sure to find one that appeals to your tastes and style.

– There is no need to worry about the permanence of the dot art mandalas either. Because you're using this form of digital artwork you can reposition the artwork anywhere around your room without worrying about leaving those spots behind. Many beginners to the world of color pencil drawing are discouraged from using the traditional handmade mandalas because they fear these can't be moved or changed as easily. This simply isn't true. The key to success when learning how to draw a pointillism mandala is making the subject matter the center of attention, then working around the art.

So if you're interested in finding a fun, easy way to begin learning how to draw a pointillism mandala, then make sure to take a look at these videos for the topic. They're short videos that explain each technique in easy to understand detail. In addition, there are a number of different websites that provide free resources for artists of all skill levels. Using these resources will allow you to create your own works of art, which will really spice up your home or office.

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