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Easy Pretty Paintings

This is for all the beginners out there and the newbies as well, just keep in mind that painting is a craft. If you can paint, you can do almost anything. When I first started, I didn't know where to even start painting. I didn't know how to do it! Well, here are some easy pretty paintings for beginners to start off with. The key thing to remember here, is to have fun and not to get discouraged.

I'll list some of my favorite easy pretty paintings for beginners below. Now, onto the next step…some more pretty pictures of some friends and myself enjoying the great outdoors. I guess I should start by telling you, the best types of pretty paintings for beginners, are the ones that show a subject in an environment other than itself. In other words, beautiful scenery painting, or beautiful natural scenes are very easy canvas painting ideas for beginners.

Now, onto the second point for my list of easy pretty paintings for beginners, are the most popular “pretty” subjects for paintings of people. Let's start with a famous photo of Winston Churchill. This photo was taken while he was at a beach in front of a very pretty, palm lined bay. He was leaning against a big white wooden sailboat, and his hair was in a crazy style. What a great image! I think this is the most famous “pretty picture” of all time.

Next on my list of easy acrylic canvas painting ideas, are people. This one I learned very early on, as I had no idea what to do with it, so I did a lot of research. Basically, all you have to do to create this type of painting, is to use a black & white photograph, resize it, place it onto a new layer of canvas (ours), then use an easy acrylic technique to create highlights and shadow. After that, I just let it dry and it is so pretty.

But how can you create this beautiful scenery, without using Photoshop, or any graphics program. Well, like earlier, all you need is a black & white photograph. You can also paint simple pictures, and apply them to canvas with charcoal pencils, and/or paintbrushes. If you like to do this as a hobby, I recommend starting out with some simple paintings, to get a feel for the process, and what is possible.

Another one of my list of easy acrylic painting ideas… This one I am not very familiar with, but I think it is pretty easy. Basically, you take a normal picture, preferably one that is at least landscape proportion, and enlarge it a little. Then you apply some selective paint to the background, using colors from the image, to create a glow around the image that is reminiscent of star light.

Now, there are some other easy things to paint for beginners to do, that are not on this list, but that are sure fire ways to make your artwork look more professional. The most important thing to remember when starting out, is to start out simple. Don't try to create a scene with thousands of colors, it just won't work. However, when you get more comfortable with your medium, you can start trying more advanced things.

I hope this article has given you some valuable ideas on what to paint. With a little time, effort, and practice, you will be creating gorgeous paintings in no time. Remember, that you don't have to become an artist to have fun. The sky is the limit!

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