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EasyWhim is a new type of website which offers a new way to sell your art. The aim is to make it easy for the buyers to choose your work without having to do any extra work or searching. Easywhim is not only a selling platform for selling art online but it also helps artists to market their paintings in a more professional way. The aim of EasyWhim is to make selling art easy by using all the benefits of the Internet. These include easy categorization and easy download. It is free to join so you need not pay anything.

Easywhim categorizes your diamond art painting into several categories. This will help you when you are uploading the photos to sell online. Each category has a specific theme like the paint by number, scratch art, etc. You can select your categories and upload the photos. EasyWhim provides additional information about the selected photos and you can even add comments to let other users know how nice the painting is. You can also share the link of your art on social media sites such as Facebook.

Using the tools provided by EasyWhim you can modify or make changes to the color and style of your diamond artwork. You can even select from a range of different drill bits to suit your painting styles. You can find drill bits of different sizes and colors in this website. For those who prefer a simple browsing experience EasyWhim has categorized the diamonds in different colors so that you can easily find the one you want. You can select your drill bit in the color you prefer.

Another great feature of this site is the gallery of easy whim. A gallery of easy whims enables you to see the works of other artists. Some of them may be similar to your ideas and hence you may opt to use their work in your diamond paintings.

If you would like to personalize your diamond painting then EasyWhim has a great gallery of customized images. The number of images you can choose is limited only by your creativity and imagination. These images enable you to personalize your diamond drill bit and its finish. For example you could use one of the photos of your kids as a cover for the lower portion of the diamond bit. You can even add a picture of you and your spouse if you wish.

Easy Whims is one of the latest products from an online marketing company which caters to the needs of artists and their clients. It is an ideal site for advertising your art as you can use the tools offered by easy whims to create your own images. The website provides several tutorials which will help you in creating your images as well. The best part is that the tutorials are easy to understand and follow.

Since Easy Whims offers a wide range of diamond pendants and other diamond jewelries, it is a great way to make a niche for yourself. You can easily find the one that goes well with your personality and thus showcase your style in the best possible way. Easy Whims also has a special section where artists can show off their work and you can select the one that suits your tastes. With this unique feature, you will be able to find all types of diamond jewelry online without much hassle.

All you need to do to purchase the jewelry is to browse through the several options offered by easy whims and select the one that you like. To get more information on how to customize the drill bit you can log onto the website and read the instructions. Once done with the customization process, you can place the order and wait for the jewelry to be delivered at your doorstep. Since it is an easy way of doing business, you will not have to worry about the cost and thus can start making a mark for yourself in the diamond industry.

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