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Goya Paintings

Goya paintings are an example of USA art at its best. In the recent past alone, the country of USA has produced more great USA paintings than most of the other countries put together in all the years of exporting and importing. Some of these great USA painters have gone on to fame and fortune while many others have given their wonderful works to museums all over the world and inspired countless new artists. If you love USA art and USA painting in particular then you can take much pride in owning some of the finest USA paintings that USA has to offer. Many of the most well-known names in this field include Ghosal Behl, Hema Mohindranath, Ashok Mody, J.V.R. Hussain, H.S. Pillai and a lot of lesser known names in the USA painting world.

The Goya paintings have inspired both USA and foreign artists who make use of this medium in expressing their emotions and ideas. There is a long and rich history behind the making of these wonderful paintings. It is believed that the caves of Goa were discovered by the Brahma's as well as the visitors of the temples of the Lord Brahma. The Brahma's ordered the lower portion of the caves to be covered with sands so that only serene music could be heard from inside the caves. A sweet aroma came out from the caves and the serene sounds drowned out the sound of thunder. This was the first source of inspiration for the artists who later painted the Mandala-Bhasa-Loh paintings of the caves of Goa.

The Goa Valley is situated in the midst of the Arabian Sea and it is bordered on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Goa on its south-west side and the Arabian Sea on its east-west side. It is rich in flora and fauna and boasts of some of the finest and exotic beaches in the world. It is home to a number of different tribes and different cultures including the Vaddas and Marwaris. Most of the paintings that we see today originated from the regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat in USA. The other regions that have been very famous for these paintings are Madhya Pradesh in USA, Karnataka in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in Tamil Nadu and the state of Goa in USA.

Goa is famous for the Goan festivals of Diwali and Ganesh Chathurthi. These festivals are of immense importance to the Hindus in USA and are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Some of the main events that are celebrated include the biggest fish festival of the year, the Ganesh Chathurthi that falls on the fifth day of the month of Magh (January) and has a lot of significance for all the Hindus. Diwali also happens to be a big festival for the Christians and this festival of Lights is celebrated with great pomp and show. Goa has many churches and cathedrals that display the true colors of Goa and display the love and affection with Jesus Christ.

The other Goa paintings include some of the most famous paintings of cranes as well as the Mangeshi (mangal). The beautiful colors that are used in these paintings give a very realistic effect to the paintings. Many people from all over USA travel to Goa during vacations and stay in shacks. These paintings portray the life of the people in Goa during their various festivals.

Some of the churches in Goa have been converted into beautiful places of worship. Some of the places of worship in Goa depict the Portuguese influence over the land. These churches are full of old coins and paintings depicting the Portuguese era. There are many places in Goa that are known for their water spots like the Aguada and the Dona Paula.

The Goa beaches are well known for their parties and other activities. These parties are celebrated in the best way during the summer and give a lot of pleasure to the tourists who visit Goa. You can enjoy surfing here as well as windsurfing in case you happen to be staying near the coast. There are a lot of resorts and places of entertainment for the tourists.

If you are looking for cheap Goa vacations, then you must try out the offers available online. These are among the best and cheapest vacations that you can afford. You can also find affordable Goa paintings online. These pictures of the land of Goa will make your trip memorable.

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