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Pebble Art

What is pebble art? It's a piece of artwork with pebbles thrown onto the canvas. Any quick search on the internet will result in a ton of different inspiration ranging from very detailed, very intricate to very basic. But no matter how simple or complex the piece may be, pebble art adds a certain something to the canvas making it stand out and make it interesting and unique.

What makes this type of art so interesting is the individuality of each artist. While all artists use pebbles, there are different ways to do it and create different looks. Two of the most common ways to create this type of art are by using glue and rock salt. Both of these mediums can create amazing pebble art.

Artists who work mostly in oil paints or acrylics would do well with acrylic glue. This medium works very well with pebbles because it allows the pebbles to cling to the surface of the canvas. One of the advantages of using glue is that the pebbles stay on the canvas much longer compared to using rocks. It can take much longer to dry with acrylic glue than with the other medium.

You can create a wonderful look when you use shadow box to hold the pebbles in place and then glue the pieces to the frame. Using shadow box gives more dimension to the piece as it makes the pebble pieces appear to disappear into the shadow box. If you use regular glue instead of shadow box it will also work but it does not have the same effect. The shadow box allows you to fill in any spaces between the pebble pieces.

The twig method involves a fine tip artist working from inside the eye of the piece. With this method, the artist gets more control over the shapes of the pebble. The first step in working with twigs is to wrap the piece in clear twine or braid to keep the shape of the pebble intact. Fine tip pencil markings can be used on the wrapping paper to give it a more 3 dimensional appearance.

Twigs can be glued to the top of the pebble frame to make it stand out more. A round shaped rock can be placed inside the frame and the artist uses a large brush to add more color to the rocks. If more than one round pebble is needed then they can be placed on a hot glue gun to make them stick together easier.

The last technique uses a cardstock to make pebble collages. A large flat board can easily be found at a craft store. A craft stick is placed directly on the cardstock. The artist uses a fabric marker to draw on the frame. A fabric needle or other long object is used to hem the frame.

Paint or ink can also be added to the pebbles to make them look like jewels or gems. Jewels are a great addition because they can be used as accents on a plain frame. Children will enjoy picking out their own little ones and these pieces of art. All of these techniques are fun and can give you a lot of enjoyment.

Glue a Twine to a Pebble – This is a fun and easy project that all children will enjoy. It takes a piece of twine and when using a glue gun adds a little flare to it. When gluing the twine to the pebble keep in mind the texture and grain of the stone. Add a little water when the glue is dry to make the twine softer.

Create Flower Piles with Rope – Starting with some rope this is an easy pebble art ideas and it will give your kids hours of entertainment. They can play around with the different shapes and colors of the pebbles until the rope has become a beautiful art project. These can then be piled into a mound to make a waterfall or scattered across the ground to make a space for something special. All of these can be hung from string to create a special space for a picture or any other special memory.

Decorate a Frame with Pebble Art – This is another fun project that both boys and girls will enjoy. This is great because not only do you get to create an original picture frame with pebbles, you also get to decorate it in such a way that is unique. To do this you first take the fully set overnight container, cut the circle out and lay it on the wall. Then draw a square on the pebbles and add a bow to it to make it stand out. Next take the small circle pebble and replace it into the fully set overnight container and you now have a unique wall art project that is going to be a hit.

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