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Simple Art

Have you ever been to an Art Gallery and marveled at all the simple art they display? I mean when you look at a painting or any other piece of artwork does it ever get you thinking “Why on earth was that artist so good at creating such simple art?” The simple answer to this is simply because they were good at what they do. It is their talent and ability to make something so simple seem so complex that makes it seem effortless.

The reason simple art is such great is simply because it's so simple to draw. Simple art isn't just easier to create, but it's also often more beautiful because it conveys a sense of simplicity and ease to the artist. Everyone that appreciates fine art has at least visited an Art Gallery at some point in their lifetime. And everyone understands that if the person behind the artwork can create such amazing art that it truly is effortless, then they must be doing something right.

So the next question is “What kind of art am I talking about here?” The answer is simply that simple art is art that is created solely by painting one simple thing on a canvas. For instance, if you are looking at a painting of a bear cub doing his little belly dance you would think to yourself “Oh he is just doing his little belly dance, he must be getting lots of practice.” Now granted there may be some truth to that. But simple art can be so much more than that.

So what are some of the other types of simple artistic designs? The word minimalist comes from the Japanese word “minor” and “art.” When people talk about minimalist art they are talking about art that has minimalistic elements to it. This can include elements such as using only primary colors or using only a very small amount of detail in the work.

Some artists have even taken this further and have used only black paint to create their works of art. However, this is not what it means when people say you are creating a “minimalistic” piece of art. In fact, the opposite is true. A piece of art with no elements of color or depth is called abstract. So now we have got some basics on what simple art is and the difference between it and minimalistic art.

So why simple art is the best, why doesn't every painter attempt this hard and complicated design? Well the answer to that question is simple, most artists, even the greatest ones, are not trying to create a piece of art that is difficult to accomplish but they are trying to do something with their art that says something about their personality. This is why some paintings of famous people can be so beautiful and at the same time simple and basic. Because these artists chose to focus on certain things about their paintings instead of trying to create awe inspiring works of art.

There is a saying that goes, “if you understand how to paint, then anything is possible”. Now you have learned what simple art is, which is a painting of objects with very few elements in it. You might think that with this simple art form there will not be any complexity in the final output but that is far from the truth. The beauty of this art form is that there are still many ways to express your creativity with it.

Once you start practicing simple art techniques the more you will understand how to paint and express yourself artistically. When you paint a simple art painting you are actually trying to capture the essence of what you want the viewer to feel while looking at your painting. This is the reason why simple art is often referred to as abstract or a form of art that is more impressionistic rather than realistic. This is because you do not attempt to portray an aspect of reality in the painting. When you try harder to achieve these results are even more amazing and beautiful.

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