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Wave Painting Easy

If you want to learn how to paint with water you will find Wave Painting a very interesting way to learn. What makes it so fascinating is that you do not have to actually touch the canvas with your brushes. You are essentially just decorating the canvas with your imagination. It is comparable to when you use sand paper to create texture on a painted surface. This method can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications and it is fun to do.

For this form of painting, what you need are two cans of paints, a bowl of water and some white paint. Simply mix them together and then apply them to an appropriate sized area of your canvas. You could cover an entire baseball field with these paints or just a portion if you wanted to.

When you mix the paint and water, add about half a cup of water. Use the paint brush and start painting the water color into the water. Make sure to work from the outside towards the inside of the picture. This is why it could be difficult to see what you are doing if you are painting with a full size sheet of stretched canvas.

You could also use stencils to create an effect similar to stenciling. However, using a stencil is much less messy and more easy to do with water than it is with paint. You simply apply the paint to the stencil and once it is blended into the canvas, you could remove it and reapply the color. In addition to giving you the ability to change out the color of your water paints, it could also allow you to remove old stencils.

After you have completed applying the paint to the area of your canvas you wish to create, you could also add another effect. A little bit of fabric dye is usually all that is needed to create a fun effect on the paint. All that is needed is a white cotton ball or tissue and some fabric dye. Simply dip the tissue into the dye and then apply it to the area that you want to paint. The cloth may be damp but not soaking wet so this shouldn't cause any damage to your paint.

One other thing you could do is cover the entire picture in a dark shade of the same color. When you allow the paint to dry, you would have created the appearance of swirls on the painting. This effect can be created by using very fine tooth brushes. The bristles should be very close to the surface of the canvas so that they will adhere to it. The effect you achieve with these tiny brushes is something that you might be surprised at.

There are many different effects that you could achieve with the paint and when you use a stencil to accentuate the appearance of the designs you create, you add to the visual interest. As you gain more experience in painting, you could also experiment with the color and texture of the paint. As you paint, you should constantly try to modify the existing design so that you could produce an even more appealing effect. You need to take into consideration the time and the place where you are painting. You also need to pay attention to how the light reacts with the image that you have in mind.

You should also keep in mind that a successful endeavor to create a piece of art would require you to have patience. When you paint with a stencil, it is very easy to create a variety of effects but when you work with actual paint it can be quite difficult. However, if you keep at it, eventually you would get it right. Just remember that you need to practice your techniques on a piece of canvas that doesn't have a lot of detail in it before attempting the same thing on a real wall. This way you would be able to get a feel for the entire process and learn to control the outcome of your wave painting without causing any damage.

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