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Art Easy

Now that Christmas is almost here, you are probably already searching for great holiday gift ideas that won't break the bank. When you're looking for elegant and stylish clothing that isn't too expensive, you will find that there's no better choice than a pair of Art Easy pants. If you have a pair in mind and want to know where you can get your hands on them before the end of November, read on. We have all seen these particular pants in the ads and on television.

Polka dot and dotted merino wool stretchable pair of Art Easy pants. Suede & classy. We are sorry, this product is no longer available. DESCRIPTION Polka dot, feminine, smooth – the first two words summarize what this year's Christmas gifts will look like. Enjoy warm weather in this year's most trendy style: suede & plush, with a classic shimmer finish.

The year's top fashion trend will be a sophisticated and stylish silk shirt in deep grey. You will see the trend in tops, cardigans, skirts, blazers and more. The style of this year's top will be a simple white shirt with a slight dark grey drawstring, with elasticized waistbands. Choose a basic white polka dot pattern or pick a more complex design like a double handed eagle.

Dressy pants in black and red. This year's hot pants feature an all over print of detailed birdcages with open bird cages for the women and black bars for the men. Choose a pair of Art Easy slim pants in suede & chocolate for a dressed up look. A pair of slimming shorts in rich chocolate will provide a casual but elegant look for your office. Pair slimming pants with suede & suede leggings and you'll look like royalty even on a summer day.

Ties. Whether it's for a party or a business meeting, a tie is always appropriate. A thin cotton or silk tie with a complementary color will always look smart. Try a button down collared shirt with a contrasting tie to create a smart look. Chocolate brown, off-white or off-red are all popular color trends this season. Look for a silk tie with an art print to match any of these colors.

Tee shirts with prints. This year's tee shirt theme is Art Easy tee shirts with art designs on them. Choose a unique tee shirt design with an image from an art work of your choice, or create a design yourself. Chocolate brown polka dots are great for a summer day out with friends.

Pants. These should be the staple pieces of every man's wardrobe. They're comfortable and they can be dressed up or down with the right combination of colors. Try a pair of dark wash pants with an off white shirt, or a pair of dark wash pants with an off white tee. Make a statement with solid colored pants and a printed shirt.

Shoes. Shoes should always match your shirt. But this year, sneakers, shoes, boots, clogs and more have been hitting the racks in interesting color combinations. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Chocolate brown boots with a black shirt are both practical and stylish. And if you want to stand out a bit, pair your shoe with an art print shirt for a bold look.

Jewelry. Jewelry should be simple and understated. If you dress up your jewelry a bit, you'll draw the eye away from the shirt and shoes. Remember to add subtle accents like earrings or a bracelet when you wear jewelry that is too bold.

Sunglasses. You'll want a pair of shades that frame your face and your neck. For a summer or fall look, pair a red or black sunglass with a light colored shirt. You can also go with an oval or square shaped lens if you don't want to change your shirt color.

Belts. A belt says you're ready for action. It also adds interest to your clothing and draws attention to your core. Look for belts with thick metal pieces and be sure they have zippers. This will help prevent your belts from falling off.

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