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Banksy Artwork

At Canvas Art you'll discover tons of Banksy artwork for purchase. Banksy is without question the most popular and most controversial graffiti artist worldwide. To others, his intriguing creations are humorous, thought-provoker, ironic and oftentimes poignant. To many others, Banksy's graffiti are political statements and critiques of contemporary society. It's all a part of his artistic style.

You'll come across lots of Bristol street art from Banksy including Bristol Cathedral, The Cloggers,eners and the infamous Fishmarket on Bristol Bay. In addition to Bristol, you will also find graffiti in cities such as London, Manchester, and Liverpool. It's hard to consider whether or not Banksy's graffiti was deliberate or if he was reacting against certain aspects of society at that point in time. One thing is for certain however: his artwork is distinctly his own. He is no doubt a revolutionary street artist and Bristol therefore plays an important role in preserving his legacy.

When discussing Banksy Art, it's easy to get caught up in what he did and didn't do. His street art was, for a period of time, far more controversial than it is today. His graffiti was in direct contra to the norms which surrounded it. His Bristol graffiti was often far more colorful and experimental than anything that had previously been seen in Bristol. His pieces were far more dynamic, daring and unique. They stood out from the rest of the stock on Bristol's streets and were certainly ahead of their time.

Even today, many Bristol streets remain virtually untouched by Banksy's graffiti. Bristol has been fortunate to have avoided major acts of vandalism carried out by other street artists such as Bristol Bass. In fact, the Bristol graffiti artist only moved to Bristol in the mid 90s and began to paint there. His graffiti artwork was far more imaginative and innovative than anything that had come before and he was a visionary and innovator who made Bristol a much more interesting place to live.

Banksy's graffiti was far more interesting than anything that had been seen before and he was definitely ahead of his time. He brought a new element to Bristol street art and challenged traditional ideas about what street art should be like. His artwork showed Bristol in a very fresh and light way and was far more interesting than anything that had previously been produced.

Bristol in particular took to Banksy's street art with both feet and hands. The Bristol city council actually encouraged him to come and paint in the city and the encouragement has been reciprocated with exceptional amounts of street art artwork throughout the UK. Bristol has also experienced a rise in arts festival production and Bristolian artists have established themselves as some of the most accomplished and exciting artists working today. In fact, Bristol has become known as the home of the British Royal Academy of Arts. Many people are aware of the influence that Banksy had on the development of the arts in Bristol but many Bristolians would like to know more about the background of this extraordinary Bristolian street artist.

The life of Banksy immediately reveals a working class ethos and the Bristolians of that era were in fact quite left wing and countercultural by western standards. One of the great things about Banksy's graffiti is that it is all totally original and you can tell that this is not some kind of re-hashed template from an internet website. Banksy's artwork is very diverse and has all the traits of a professional artist but without the pretence. This kind of work is rare and very much desired by many modern artists who appreciate the complexity of creating something real and live in the present day.

Banksy's graffiti is a unique form of street art that has caught on throughout the UK and beyond. His graffiti is bright, bold, intelligent and witty and comes from Bristol, London and his native Yorkshire. Some of his most famous pieces include the bunny logo which features the Union Jack flag, and the skull and crossbones which was located on Market Street. All of these Banksy pieces are now displayed in leading museums around the world. It is fair to say that Bristol has a thriving community of Banksy street artists.

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