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Butterfly Painting

Butterfly painting is always a good fun activity for kids to explore pattern and symmetry. It s made even more exciting when you use butterfly clip art as your main medium. This will allow you to be really creative and imaginative as there are no limits to what you can do. You could even try making a butterfly wing tattoo design of your own.

To make your butterfly painting a real life-like one, we need to use our imagination a little. Firstly, think about the type of habitat that butterflies typically exist in. Generally speaking, they prefer to have somewhere with a lot of shade and where it is cool to stay. Therefore, if you want to get some really cool and unique butterfly painting ideas, it will benefit to use some watercolor paper and a wooden board to act as their habitat.

In the event that we want to get more realistic and naturalistic butterflies, we could play with the proportion of the butterfly's body and its size against its surroundings. For instance, if you place a large butterfly on a big and tall tree, the effect might not be as great as if you place it on a small table. So, think about the size and symmetry of your kids' bedroom before you go out and start butterfly painting. You don't want to mess up their bedroom just because you wanted to create an interesting butterfly habitat for them!

Now let us move on to some butterfly painting ideas that incorporate a little creativity as well. The most obvious one is to use an acrylic spray painting set up to make a series of 3d butterfly flaps or “swirls”. With the use of a butterfly clip art, you could easily make this a fun activity for your kids by allowing them to simply clip art on the back of a regular flaps to make it look like a flower petal swirl. To make the swirls more interesting, you can use a small brush to create intricate details or add a small drop of paint to the middle of it to give it a more 3d effect.

We also want to bring this to our own home by making a butterfly painting on canvas. Using some standard paint, you could either go to your local art supply store and buy an acrylic canvass (oil painting medium) or, if you are creative, you could design and make your own. Either way, your canvas would be a place where your children could have fun and experiment with the medium of paint.

When making a butterfly painting on canvas, we want to show off the symmetry of the wings. To do this, it is easiest to create a symmetrical design. To make the artwork symmetrical, simply unfold the wings in the middle of the canvas (preferably not too close to each other). You should then fold the wings in half diagonally.

In most cases, we would use pink for girls and lavender for boys. Most children's paintings of butterflies are male. To give your child an idea of what colors to use for their paintings, try playing with different colors until you find one that your child is not attracted to. Once you have found that one, paint the rest of the butterfly using white paint. The only difference between painted butterflies and ones that are not painted is the folds in the wings. Painted butterflies will have folds in the wings of the body whereas the non-painted ones will not.

When you are finished with your butterfly painting on canvas, you should remember that it is best to protect it from dampness. It is recommended to put the painting on a glass surface to avoid the risk of discoloration. For the best protection, you should always let the painted butterfly hang out in the sunlight. Make sure that you do not put the canvas anywhere in the direct sunlight since the UV rays will cause the paint to fade. When you have completed your butterfly painting on canvas, do not forget to display it at an appropriate height and distance so that you can easily admire it.

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