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Disney Paintings

Disney paintings have long been an attraction for collectors. The classic Disney characters captivate children of all ages. Their stories are inspiring and the animations are entertaining. If you haven't seen any of the Disney cartoons, you really should see them. You may be surprised at the quality and beauty of the Disney artwork that is available today.

Just as the stories of the cartoon characters grow along with our young ones, so do the designs from Disney paintings. You will find the classic Disney characters in the works of some of the world's most talented artists. From Walt Disney himself to legendary artist Thomas Kinkade, you can find a wide variety of unique art on everything from cards to pencil sketches to figurines. No matter if it's a Disney Christmas card or a whimsical painting of snowmen and snowflakes, you will find original art by some of the world's best artists.

One of the most popular Disney characters, in addition to Mickey Mouse, is Winnie the Pooh. Original artwork by Thomas Kinkade is available for this beloved character. A stunning recreation of the happy couple sitting together on a sunny Christmas morning, their poses look like they are taken straight out of an art class session. A shimmering gold foil coating enhances the artwork on this beautiful oil painting, bringing out the true colors of this treasured painting.

Another Disney character, from one of the newest movies of our time, is Beauty and the Beast. This timeless tale of a young woman's search for her lost heart is presented in a breathtaking full-color painting done by Thomas Kinkade. The soft lines and lush color make this a great edition to your Disney collection. It will make a lovely addition to your home as well.

For a third installment, the wonderful world of Sleepy Hollow was introduced to our imaginations. One of Disney's earliest characters, Sleeping Beauty, was painted by Thomas Kinkade. His rendition of this classic tale is breathtaking, with a gentle brush adding to the beauty of the painting. The painting is available on original art as well as a limited-edition water-color version. This beautiful painting shows the beautiful forest that is inside the dreamy image. The water is reflected in the image of a beautiful flower resting on a small leaf.

The last, but certainly not least, is Tinkerbell. This famous Disney character was created by Kenneth Cephal aside from the Disney animation. A charming full-color painting of her flying through the sky is available as an oil painting. A colorful memory flashes in my mind as I recall the beautiful painting that captured the essence of this Disney princess. My favorite though is the painting of Tinkerbell lying asleep on a smooth surface, waiting for the magic fairy to wake her up.

These three paintings from Disney are among my favorites of all time. They have brought so much beauty and happiness into my life that I had to include them in this article. My favorite is probably my personal favorite, the painting of the Little Mermaid, because I was a little girl when it was first shown in theaters. As a matter of fact, I still think about the beautiful sea princess, dreaming about her beautiful day at the beach and about the prince who was just standing next to her.

Disney paintings have always had a special place in my heart. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also a great gift option for a Disney lover on your list. My favorite choices are the ones that depict characters that touched my heart like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, or those that remind me of times that I have enjoyed. There is no way to top these beautiful Disney creations, and I hope you feel the same.

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