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Easy Small Paintings

Easy Small Paintings are the most common subjects chosen by the beginner artist or the professional artist. Rembrandt's famous paintings are instantly recognizable and often sold for millions of dollars. A good Rembrandt painting will appeal to both the professional painters as well as the beginners. The unique style, the realistic skin tones, the bold contrast and shadows and the use of colors that are simple yet masterful bring pleasure to the art enthusiast who appreciates a good quality painting.

Rembrandt is recognized as one of the most popular artists in the world. In his famous series of seven self-portraits he showed a clear picture of his subject in almost every pose. His style was characterized by strong attention to minute details and an abundance of dark color which added life to the portraits. Today we look at this original Rembrandt painting and try to analyze the elements that have made it a success.

Rembrandt's attention to detail in this painting is very obvious. Each of the eight panes has a clear picture of the person in it, which is surrounded by a strong border. The colors are all very concentrated and add to the depth and dimensions of the picture.

Rembrandt uses a light translucent medium so that there are fine highlights in the skin tones. He accomplished this with oil paint, but later in his career he also used water colors and a variety of other mediums. It is interesting to note that these small paintings were completed when Rembrandt was in poor health. There is no doubt that he was always trying to improve his skill, but he never lost his enthusiasm for what he felt was a very important part of art. As he got older he found that he had a great talent for creating powerful and strong images.

Rembrandt has always been a lover of nature, and in particular the natural world. One of his favorite subjects was the flora of the landscape he saw all around him. These are some of his favorites, because they give a beautiful richness to the work, but also because they are so minute and natural looking. This makes them ideal for small paintings such as those done in the home or in a garden. We see this same quality in Rembrandt's watercolor and his sketches. The realistic look of these works is another reason why they are ideal for small-scale paintings.

Rembrandt's other great painting which is a great example of his larger scale work is The Night Watch. This is also a smaller painting but one which gives us great detail. The main subject is an immense night sky, and inside of this we can see several different landscapes and other natural scenes. Although it is a small painting it still manages to tell a large story through its bold colors and the way the brush strokes have an effect on the viewer.

Within the genre of the large format painting there is a variety that can be explored. Arturo Toscan, for example, who is a famous Italian artist has made a huge success with his pictures of buildings and landscapes. The amazing thing about his paintings of large buildings is how detailed and vivid they are. They have an undeniable sense of realism that makes them easy small paintings to make. The same can be said of Piero da Vinci, who is most well known for his medieval paintings, and The Last Supper which is one of the greatest paintings of all time.

When you choose a painting to use as reference for your own artwork, it is important that you choose something that you will enjoy looking at for years to come. This is why art has such a wonderful life, because people continue to buy art throughout history. As technology increases and artists become more popular, we will continue to see innovative pieces of art from different artists. Whether you are a fan of nature and arts or you prefer modern art styles, there is something for everyone in the world of art. If you are looking for something to decorate your home with, try looking into making your own handcrafted paintings.

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