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Easy Stone Painting

Easy stone painting techniques are those that can help you to create stunning art on the surface of rocks. The subject matter could be landscapes, people and animals or abstract designs. When the surface is smooth, the color will come out clearly. However, when there are imperfections in the rocks (places where the paint has curled or sunk into), it makes it more difficult to get a good and perfect result.

You may find easy stone painting ideas from various articles and books in home decorating books or magazines. Painting of rocks can be done on a wide variety of surfaces and the techniques are not difficult to learn. There are also different materials that can be used for this kind of work, like coral sandstone, limestone, slate, dolomite, travertine, fieldstone, granite, sandstone and so on.

For the first step in this type of painting, prepare the surfaces that you will work on with an acrylic paint. This is especially important if the rocks have already been installed. Let them dry overnight and then apply a topcoat to bring out the color. You could experiment with various colors but choose a warm color to be used as base color.

The next thing you need to consider when doing this type of rock painting is to get the right brushes. A medium bristled brush will be perfect for this type of work. It will enable you to achieve the depth and texture of the image. Then, make a sketch of the area with a pencil. This is a good way to get a rough idea on how the final paint will look on the surface of the rock.

Next, prepare a palette. The rock areas should be colored slightly darker than the rest of the room. Choose an attractive palette with at least four colors of paint. You could buy one from your local art store.

The final step in the easy rock painting process is to use fine-grit sandpaper to remove any loose powder. Then, you need to wet the rocks and sprinkle water on them to help you loosen up any powder. This will make it easier to paint with a brush. Make sure to leave some space between the rocks so that you can paint them smoothly. If there is any dirt on the surface, use a solvent spray to remove the soil and then wash the rocks with clean water.

If you are using paints that contain oil paints, you will need to take extra care during the painting. Do not allow them to dry completely. You should leave some space between the painted rocks so that you can easily paint around them. If the paint dries out, you may need to reapply it on the rocks. If you do not want the stain on the rocks, use water and a rag to remove it. Applying the sealant will also help to protect the stone

Paint a summary on the summary part of the rocks. It is advisable to highlight the important information or any special features of the rocks. Paint the summary about the artist's name and phone number. You may want to include a map with the names of the location where you found the painted rock. A map along with the names and telephone number of the artist will ensure prompt help during the processing of the easel.

The third step is to let dry. In this step, let the rocks dry for an additional twenty four hours. Use fans to speed up the drying process. In case the rocks are let dry for more than eight hours, they may crack. Wait at least four hours before using the rocks.

Step three is to apply the paint. This is the most difficult step in the whole process. You should start by spraying one coat of the paint onto the rocks. Wait for another coat to dry before applying the next coat. Continue painting the rocks until they have dried completely.

This painting activity is fun for kids. It provides a chance for parents to teach their kids about art. They can let their children experiment with different types of paints and get some practice on drawing skills. Parents will also be happy to see their children taking an interest in doing something that will help them with their artistic growth.

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