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Expressionism Art

Expressionism art is very popular in the United States. It was born out of a desire to stamp all forms of artistic expression with his own brand of emotion. Expressionism is actually a late twentieth century modernist art movement, originally in art painting and poetry, stemming from northern European countries around the start of the twentieth century. Its common trait is to present the universe solely from an individual's subjective point of view, distorting it completely for dramatic effect in order to invoke powerful ideas or emotions.

Famous Expressionists like Andy Warhol made use of bold colors and extravagant shapes to express his thoughts and ideas on art. The famous art works of Salvador Dali also made use of bold colors and unique shapes and themes. Others who followed in this line were artists such as Kenneth Noland, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella and Eminai Costa.

Expressionism Artworks now cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from everyday objects to abstract subjects such as sky crafts. It can be said that expressionism artworks in the 20 century marked a milestone in the progression of art from the traditional art movements of previous centuries. Expressionsism was a response to developments in art that arose throughout the century. Art during that time was heavily influenced by developments in technology. Prints and paintings made use of new printing processes that gave vivid colors and a more defined image. Innovations in photography gave artists the possibility to show more details in their works.

Expressionism artworks which can be found in museums today reflect a particular period in artistic development. Some of the most well-known include Andy Warhol's famous series of pictures called the Campbell Soup Factory, which he made while living in Los Angeles. The series can still be seen throughout many public places in Los Angeles, as well as places like San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art. Other well-known expressive works by artists in the field of expressionism include artist Manet's Fait Accompli (1907), which featured work from various periods in his career as well as Monet's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1916).

Art Expressionism is often associated with intense emotional responses. In addition to being a highly popular art movement, it is also regarded as one of the major breakthroughs in art, having a significant influence on the art of others. In particular, it has been credited with being responsible for the creation of the pop art style which seemed to completely revolutionize the art world in the later part of the twentieth century. Pop artists such as Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin have all used expressionism art movements as a means of taking their message across to the public.

In contemporary society, expressionism art movements are still widely utilised as a way of expressing different sentiments and emotions. Two of the most prominent examples are the American expressionist movement in the USA and the avant-garde German art movement. Both of these art movements used photography, film, theatre and music to tell their stories and provide their audiences with a powerful and emotional reaction. In the USA, this art movement helped to provide Americans with an unique interpretation of civil rights and racism; to make them feel more connected to the cause of civil rights and give them a sense of social context.

German expressionists such as Rembrandt also used expressionism art movement to depict the shifting nature of nature and the human experience. Some of his most famous paintings included The Night Cafe (1797), The Rocks (ca. 1869) and The House With Curtain (ca. 1830). As a result of Rembrandt's extensive use of colour, his paintings were often considered to be among the best in the art world. His style remains recognisable today and his influence has been profound on modern artists such as David Bowie, Banksy and Pop artist Banksy. A gallery dedicated to his work can be found in London.

Czech expressionist artists like Bohumil Hrabal (Bohumil Brohi) and Vaclav Havel are also often mentioned in relation to the early American art scene. The most famous example is probably Schiele's Oil (1908) which inspired Andy Warhol to create the series of Orange County coffee cup paintings that would become known as 'The Seated Astronomer'. Like many of the Czech artists, Schiele was deeply influenced by Abstract Expressionism and his artwork incorporated a wide range of colours and textures, as well as an abundance of human imagery. Some of Schiele's oil paintings can be seen at galleries in London.

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