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Jackson Pollock Painting

Jackson Pollock has become well known for his paintings of modern American subjects. One of the most famous is entitled America. In this masterpiece he combined elements of Western and Eastern art styles to produce a work of art that sought to portray the nation as it was in its historic past. His style was characterized by dark strokes followed by lighter ones, which gave the illusion of water flowing over the image.

The work of Pollock wasn't confined to America alone. He worked on several other paintings and several others have emerged as Pollock's best known works. An example of this is China. Pollock's painting of Chinese girls shows their dress and their mode of walking. Credit: Getty Images It has been described as the “smokey eye technique,” but the experts have rejected that this is not an accurate description of how Pollock accomplished his masterpiece. Dropped droplets would have produced continuous streams of color over the painting, while Pollock prefers continuous flows of paint over the canvas with no visible surface.

China, like so many other paintings, was executed with a lot of attention to technical details. The detail is so minuscule that it appears to be accidental. However, there is no mistaking the exquisite beauty of the brush strokes and the rich colors that can be seen. A fine-looking painting of lovely Chinese girls comes under the category of Contemporary Art.

In another well known painting called Red, the accent is on the red brick finish, which is characteristic of many early twentieth century American art. Again, the appearance of color in this painting goes unnoticed. Yet, it is very striking. Similar styles can be observed all over the US, from the serenely rolling hills of the Deep South to the bright colors of the Northwest and the bright colors of the Pacific Northwest.

In a famous painting entitled Leaves From The Trees, Pollock painted a scene of bare trees, bare dirt, and only a few twigs of grass. The focus in this picture is on the deep blue sky that is filled with light. The trees are very bare, yet they are densely packed in the background. This style is very close to Abstract Expressionist art, but is definitely far different in style. If you are looking for a large-scale painting that contains a lot of detail, then this may fit that description.

Of course, we cannot discuss Jackson Pollock without mentioning his large body of work. Pollock's paintings included such diverse subjects as sea life, bison, the silhouette of a mountain from a distant view, and even a close-up of fish. He was able to achieve an unprecedented combination of painting styles, and each of these was absolutely unique in its own way. Because of this, Jackson Pollock became one of the most well-known artists in the world, and he was able to earn a great deal of respect and admiration for his achievements.

As you may be aware, Jackson Pollock paintings can be found in a variety of fine art museums around the world. You will not likely have any difficulty locating a Pollock piece, although you may want to think about where you plan to buy a particular piece. If you do not have a problem finding a painting at a high quality museum, then you may want to visit a gallery specializing in art. You will find many Jackson Pollock pieces that are displayed in these types of galleries, and you should have no problem being able to find a piece that you love.

If you would like to have a larger selection of paintings, however, you will probably be able to find a good deal more choices online. There are many reputable art galleries online that display a wide variety of quality Jackson Pollock paintings. In addition to featuring a large variety of paintings, these art galleries also give you access to information about the life and works of Jackson Pollock as well as discussing the art appreciation that comes with owning a particular piece. Since owning an original Pollock is something that many people desire, taking the time to visit a number of websites offering original art will likely yield some excellent results.

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