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Mandala Art Simple

Vector illustration using Mandala Art… In simple terms, Mandala art is the art of drawing detailed pictures with Mandala. The main merit of Mandala art is that it is a freehand drawing process, whereby the artist draws all the elements of the artwork from simple shapes and figures. As such, the artwork drawn with Mandala art is often more creative, intricate and detailed than that of conventional illustrations or paintings done with the help of other mediums. In fact, the main merit of Mandala art lies in the fact that it is a kind of an innovative free hand drawing process, which does not involve the traditional guidelines and limits set forth by the traditional artists.

Vector illustration of Mandala Art. Vector illustration can be described as the art form of creating images, illustrations, or digital art with the use of some mathematical or geometric principles. It uses very sophisticated mathematical algorithms and software to generate intricate images from simple shapes and figures. This art form is based on the basics of Computational drawing (CAD).

The beauty of this art form lies in its simplicity. The artist draws all the elements of the artwork directly from the simple shapes and figures on the Mandala grid. Unlike stencils or stamps where the artist has to create the image from scratch, he/she can just draw the shape of the required element directly onto the Mandala grid. Moreover, this eliminates the need for any sort of complicated tools and techniques. Thus, this art form is easy to learn and the work can be completed within a short period of time.

Mandala art originated in Turkey. It was developed there by Gokumler, who based his work on the Turkish folklore and mythology. He took the help of simple drawings, which he altered according to his own creativity and knowledge. Later on, Mladen Ozelcicle came up with the first mandala based art form. Since then, there have been several artists, who have made improvements on the art form, based on Ozelcicle's work.

Mandala art also incorporates other important traditional Turkish designs such as the Maseh Ghiach, the Cokrekh, and the Kilim. All these elements are used to draw a specific shape on the Mandala grid. In this way, the artist can show off his/her technical knowledge, as well as his/her artistic ability to create a simple drawing, with great precision. This art can further be enhanced through the addition of color to the drawing.

Various shapes are combined together to create the desired effect, which the artist intends to show. For instance, if one wants to create a simple heart, he/she can combine a circle with a star, a heart with a cloud, a cone with a rain cloud, and so on. Similarly, different colors can be added to the Mandala to create complex patterns or images. The more colorful the Mandala, the higher is the complexity of the drawing.

Mandala art is based on traditional Turkish art forms. Therefore, this form has some strong roots in Turkish art history. As a result, you can see a lot of Turkish influences in the drawings created using this method. The different steps that are involved in this kind of art work, can give you a feel of a very relaxing and soothing environment, when you look at the finished artwork.

Creating simple drawings with the use of Mandala art is fun. If you have tried looking for such artworks online, then you will probably find them quite complicated, due to the large number of shapes and colors involved. On the other hand, if you try to look at some Turkish carpets, then you will get an idea of the simple yet impressive results that can be achieved through this technique. Finally, you should remember that the beauty of the Mandala art only comes from the creative process. If you want to stay with the basic approach, then you can easily create such artworks on your own.

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