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Marabu Marble Paint

Easy Marabu marble polish products let you create unique, beautiful marble immersion accents on any number of flat and convex-sized objects within hours. All you need is water! Solvent-based adhesives are used to form the Marabu marbles. The product can be applied over bare marble or on marbles that have been treated with cement and later sealed. You can even use it to paint your own marble tiles.

First, prepare the marbles before using by placing one piece of each into a pan with at most eight ounces of warm (room temperature water) water. It's best to place them directly onto the water, but you may need to gently press them down into the pan with an angled spoon to prevent them from rising to the surface. To begin applying the marbled marble paint, simply take each skewer and dip it into the isopropyl alcohol solution. Allow them to soak for up to five minutes before removing them with a brush or towel.

Using a palette knife or soft metal spatula, begin painting in smooth, even strokes. Avoid getting too much marbling on any smooth flat surface, such as marble. Work in small sections and continue until the entire surface is covered. Once the entire surface is painted, allow it to dry. It will take about four hours, and after it does, you can easily wipe off excess paint with a clean sponge or rag. Before you apply any finishing touches, lightly swirl the marble paints to even out the color.

The Marabu solvent-base paint is highly recommended for use on marble surfaces because it contains no VOC's (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals are thought to be cancer-causing pollutants, but the Marabu Company has determined that there is no proof to back this claim. Because Marabu Marbles contain naturally occurring silica and magnesium, it is important to remember that these compounds are also good for creating beautiful art sculptures as well. So, allow you to create unique marbled art sculptures by applying the Marabu Marbles solvent-base paint in thin layers and allowing it to dry between layers.

You can also paint your marbles in primary shades using the Marabu Marbles VOC-free solvent-base paint. Just add a few drops of your favorite color into water, dip the object you would like to paint, and allow it to dry between layers – a circular pattern should form because the surface area of the marbles will be similar to that of a brush. Once dry, you can then add a few more drops of your favorite color and dip again. You can repeat this process until you have created multiple layers and a beautiful array of color in a variety of tones and hues.

The Marabu Marbles peel and wash clean easily and do not require any special treatment or polishing. Simply apply them to marbles and wipe off excess water or you can use a dry cotton towel to gently rub off excess color. It's so easy to create gorgeous exotic designs on every surface in your home; the possibilities are endless.

Another great way to use marbles in your home is to simply add a few drops of marbling liquid from your marbles bottle to a few cups of clear vinegar and mix thoroughly. Allow you to pour the mixture onto your countertop and allow it to stand for a few minutes before scrubbing the surface with a scrubbing pad or sponge. Then simply add another couple of drops of the marbling liquid and allow you to rub the surface of the countertop with a soft sponge. Once your countertop has been cleaned and dry, you can then add a few drops of your favorite color(s) and allow the marble paint to dry.

Marbles are a fun and exciting material to work with. They are easy to use, have a wide variety of colors to choose from, and can even be worked into designs. Marbles should always be kept in a safe place and away from children. This is especially important if you have young children. But when used properly and given proper care, your Marabu marble tiles can last for generations to come.

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