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Simple Abstract Painting

There are so many things you can do with acrylics, when it comes to painting and drawing. You can make very elaborate paintings on translucent acrylics or you can just make a few simple abstract paintings that you can do in minutes. With acrylics you will have to do less work, and the results will be better. If you are an amateur then this is great news for you. You can paint without worrying about the difficulty of these paints.

But why would you use acrylics when there are also oil paints and watercolors which you can use? This is a good question and the answer is simple. Firstly, oil paints and watercolors take a lot longer to dry and you have to wait for several days for your painting to completely dry before you can see it. This means that the painting techniques you can achieve with these mediums are limited.

Secondly, oil and water colours are harder to control once you have them on the canvas. Acrylics are much easier to control and once you have applied the colour to the canvas it stays until you are ready to remove it. This gives you more flexibility. You can apply your favourite colour or just experiment with different acrylic abstract painting techniques.

Thirdly, oil and water colours are harder to see once they have dried on the canvas. However, with acrylics they can be seen instantly on the canvas. This gives you instant feedback as to what the drawing is about, which is great if you want to edit the painting afterwards.

These are three reasons why acrylics are better than watercolours or oils for abstract paintings. You can use them for your everyday art works, whether they are simple or complex works. You can create very beautiful art pieces without the need to learn complicated abstract artwork techniques. You can create unique works of art using abstract acrylic painting techniques.

But how do you know which painting techniques to use? How do you learn a new technique without learning how to paint in the traditional way? Well, here is a quick way to learn some abstract art painting techniques. It is called random painting.

There are many painting techniques that you can apply to your acrylic work but for this article I am just going to tell you one simple abstract painting technique that you can use to create unique, unusual and creative art works. This one technique will not only make you think differently about abstract paintings but will also have great impact on your customers. So what is this painting technique? It is called the wash technique. This technique is very simple and needs a paint brush. The wash technique was developed by Peter Sander and was first shown at the Venice Salon during a painting exhibition.

Basically it involves wetting a large brush and then using a very quick motion you quickly wash off the excess paint from it. A lot of people don't like wash techniques as they think it looks cold and harsh. Well it doesn't look harsh until you get to the dry stage. When you see the washed out canvas it really makes you realise how powerful this technique is. So give it a go yourself and create some unique, unusual and beautiful works of art with this wash technique.

Before you start using this technique it's important that you first create a base. Using a dry eraser draw a line down the middle of the canvas. You need to make sure that the lines are exactly the same size as each other. After you have drawn the lines start working on your top colour and once you have finished using this colour wash everything off the canvas with a water colours brush.

To use the wash technique all you need to do is create shapes on your canvas with different sizes using a brush. Next when you have created all your shapes use the wash technique again. Using a wash brush simply wash off the excess paint from it. If you find it difficult to do this you could always start by creating the most simple shape that you can and then washing it off with another colour. As you see the wash technique really does work well.

I hope that this short article has given you some useful insight into how to create a simple abstract painting. There are a huge amount of techniques that artists use to express themselves, and abstract paintings are certainly no exception. Hopefully I have provided you with enough information to help you create your own abstract masterpiece. Why not check out my website below where I have a huge range of free art works and techniques. You may even find some inspiration there to get you started.

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