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Simple Rose Painting

How many times have you seen a beautiful and simple rose in your favorite flower shop, on the mantel of your friend's house or even in the window pane of a store window? We are all gifted with instincts which bring us to find out more about the color, its shape, size and how it would appear in the paint medium. And what is more fascinating is that, this talent we possess is also innate to our mind. The simple rose or any other flower can be painted with any color of paint if we know its shape and size and how it should be painted. We can start painting with one color and end up creating an masterpiece of beauty with several shades of color. Let's have a quick look at some basic steps of how to paint a simple rose.

We need to measure the approximate size of the rose. A simple rose painting consists of approximately eighteen nov.-06 decahestrogen in measurements. That means, it takes approximately two years for the plant to grow. The measurement should be taken while the plant is still growing.

We have to choose the right kind of medium. Two most commonly used media are Oil and Water. Oil paints are recommended because they are less messy and give more flexibility; however, they require more maintenance and give dull and lifeless effect when it comes to producing the desired final color. Water paints are less messy but dry out faster and give the rose a golden and glossy look after it has dried.

After measuring the rose and deciding the medium, we have to prepare the painting container. You can use almost any kind of container, such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or even wood. Make sure it is clean, smooth and free from dust; let it dry for a few hours. In order to see whether the paint is adhering properly to the medium, dab a small amount from it on your finger and see if you get a good color. If you do not get the expected result, repeat the procedure until you get the desired result.

Before painting, you must decide whether you are going to do the entire painting by yourself or get the assistance of professional artist. A lot of artists agree that doing the entire painting by oneself can be very rewarding experience. However, it requires greater effort and time in doing it, so it is not advised for those who are busy and short in time. Plus, it can be a daunting task to those who are not really experienced with this kind of work. For instance, doing the entire painting by oneself can be very demanding especially if you have not done this kind of work before.

When you have completed the painting, you have to apply the medium. To do this, you will need a soft and a medium that can be applied easily such as oil or water. You will use your brush to spread medium into the area that you want to paint. It will allow you to achieve smoothness and evenly distribute the colors on the rose's body and can make the rose appear vibrant and stunning. Now that you have painted the body, it is now time for you to focus on the other side of the rose. To do this, you have to first cover the entire body of the rose to make it look like wreath.

The next step is to start applying the medium to create a wreath-like texture on the body and around the edges. Make sure that the medium covers the entire rose. After applying the medium, you have to dip your brush in the acrylic paints and create the same texture in the wreath-like wreath that you have created on the rose's body. After creating the wreath texture, you can start working on the other side of the rose painting and create a flower wreath-like texture.

For this second part, you will use your large round brush in thin layers to paint the rose petals and the body in a very light magenta color. You can start painting from the center and go outwards to get a layered effect. If you find that you are unable to create thick layers of paint, you can create several layers by using a toothbrush or cotton swab dipped in the medium. After creating the desired texture, it is now time for you to add the highlight to the petals and the rose's body with the help of a narrow pointed black brush.

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