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Simple Still Life

A simple still life is a picture that has simple shapes or no defined edges, and the main subject is still life. The object is usually a flora or fauna that has a focus of being either a plant or a creature. It may simply be a photograph, but you can also be exploring a computer generated painting if you choose. These types of still life works can be created for any size or area. You can create them to fit the dimensions of a doorway or a table top, they can fit in a narrow aisle in a store, or they can fill an entire wall.

If you are creating a simple still life from photographs, there are some tips to follow to get the best look out of the image that you have. There are many different shapes that can be used with oil paint, and knowing how to use them correctly will give you a great edge over other artists. Here are the mediums that are commonly used for this type of painting.

The first medium that is most often used when working with a simple still life is the bowl. The bowl is often just a tall cylinder shape, but it can have curves around the outside. A cylindrical bowl gives the illusion of layers. The layers look like real roots or branches, which helps to add depth to the piece. Using the outside of the bowl gives the impression of leaves. If you paint the bowl black, it can give the appearance of the outline of a tree.

An alternative to using the bowl is to draw on the inside of it. You can do this by using a pastel pencil. You should work in small steps, so that the drawing looks well formed and does not become too busy. You can start by making multiple layers of darker colouring on the inside of the bowl.

The next technique that can be used for drawing on the outside of a still life is to fill the whole drawing with a dark colour. When doing this, you should be aware of how the object is shaped. If you have a tilted object, then you should have negative space, so that your drawing does not look cluttered.

Negative space drawing is simply drawing on the objects without filling them in, so that they are still visible. In general, if you have an object that you are drawing, you should be aware of how you lay out your other objects in the composition. Laying things out with negative space drawing techniques will help you to see the relationships between your objects and realise the balance that you are aiming for in your composition. It will also help you to see the relationships between various shapes and their relations to each other.

Another important technique is called the straight line drawing. This is also known as the traditional technique, because it is actually the same technique that has been used for many years. However, the key to making it a pleasing composition is to learn how to use a different perspective in your drawing. Think of your drawing as being more like a photograph than a still life.

With a little careful planning and the use of negative space, you can create a very pleasing composition of objects that will help you to see the whole picture. These simple tips will help you to create a beautiful composition without all the fuss and bother of using complex brush strokes and angles. Using a simple yet effective technique for drawing your objects will make your work go that much smoother. There are other methods that may be easier for you to learn, but with these tips you will find that the straight line drawing is the easiest way to draw your objects in your still life painting.

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