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Simple Watercolor Flowers

When you're doing watercolor paintings, remember that it isn't necessary to use the traditional colors of red, blue, and green. Why? Because there are more than enough beautiful natural colors to make a striking watercolor print. It's also true that watercolor is not as easy to work with as oil paints, but the end results can be lovely. There's something undeniably relaxing about watercolor, despite its modernist beginnings.

If you're still having trouble thinking of ways to add these bright, bold colors to your watercolor painting, consider following a simple watercolor flowers tutorial. Using a gentle yet repetitive pattern, you can bring life and beauty to almost any subject. Here's how.

Start by choosing a simple watercolor flowers painting that has muted tones for its foundation. This way, you won't have to add too much color or paint too brightly. If you've done any research on paint colors, you'll know that using only one or two basic hues will make a huge difference in the final appearance of your artwork. Try to choose shades that are as near to true colors as possible. You can use a good guide, such as a color wheel, if necessary.

Next, gather all the materials you'll need to begin painting the simple watercolor flowers. You'll need either watercolor paper or a canvas to work on, brushes, scissors, watercolor paint, an iron or hot air balloon, and dried flowers that can be painted over. As you continue your painting, be sure to keep any stray paint or particles of dried flowers away from your work surface to prevent them from streaking.

After your painting has dried, decide whether you want to create different designs or just use the piece as is. There's no harm in doing so, and the choice is entirely yours. The beauty of painting with watercolor flowers is that you can create many different designs or just duplicate a design that you've seen elsewhere. To create different designs, gather some other dried flowers, crumple them into smaller pieces, and decide what shape, pattern, or color you would like to use to complete your design.

Once your simple watercolor flowers tutorial is done, you can decide whether or not you want to frame your artwork piece. Your canvas will likely have already been framed before, but if not, there are plenty of canvas options available to you. Frame your canvas using your choice of frame. You may even wish to consider mounting your artwork on a separate piece of wood to give it a unique look. Remember that when framing, you should provide adequate ventilation and a protective finish so that your painting doesn't become discolored during the process.

Another simple watercolor techniques that will help you complete your watercolor paintings are choosing the right brushes and paintbrushes. For instance, rather than using a hard bristle paintbrush, choose a soft bristle brush that will compliment your watercolor painting. Use a cotton blending brush for delicate details. If you would like to apply more color to your work, then purchase a paintbrush with a wider head. By following these simple watercolor techniques, you will be well on your way to enjoying your oil painting.

If you would like to learn how to paint watercolor flowers in their most natural state, then you will want to have a long and relaxing day at the art museum. Visit the exhibitions that focus on natural history. Look through the pictures of flowers that have been painted centuries ago, and try to imagine what they must have looked like when the artist was alive. If you feel that your imagination is getting the best of you, then bring a friend who has an eye for color to come along with you. You can also purchase a good book on how to paint watercolor to help guide your thought processes.

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