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Tree Painting Easy

Tree painting can be very hard work. It can also be rewarding and fun if you do it right. However, most of the time when I'm asked to do a tree painting I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it right. I am no expert so I have to rely on my good sense and experience. I will share some tips with you that hopefully will make your tree painting easy and fun.

Start with a simple tree. You will need a tree with a trunk and branches. I prefer trees with big, wide open branches so I know I'll be able to paint each one adequately. Start by using a standard size brush for the branches. You can get away with using a smaller brush for the ground but you may find that the branches get tricky.

If the branches are particularly thick or are especially pointy you may want to get a wide tooth brush and really smudge them out before beginning. When you're working on the thicker branches just use a standard size brush. Do the same with the thinner ones. The goal is to give each branch a different look and try to create a different texture as you go.

Next you want to draw the tree in the color you want. To help keep me working fast I like to sketch my tree in a base color first then do highlights with multiple colors of the color I am working with. Make sure that you don't spray paint the tree. Spray paint the branches and leaves but not the entire tree. Let each color stand alone for a few seconds then apply highlights with multiple colors of that color.

Make sure you prepare your tools. Get a good quality spray paint and a paint brush. Try not to do any mixing on the tree until you're about half way done. This way you don't get any bubbles or lines in your final work. If you mix the paint too much it will be noticeable after drying.

Here is one tip that you can try. Try a two-tone scheme. With your two tones of color, use lighter color on the outer branch and darker on the inner branches. This makes the tree seem fuller. If this doesn't work, try a three-tone scheme where you use lighter color on the top and darker on the bottom.

Now that your tree is painted, it's time to add some details. Begin by brushing your branches in upward strokes. Use a very light amount so you don't show the tree's highlights. Let your brush do the work; you'll have it come out looking much better.

That's all there is to it! Tree painting isn't always that difficult if you know the tricks I've shared with you. Don't let these tips fool you though, because painting trees can be easy and complex at the same time. Use your imagination to figure out the details. And, above all, don't give up.

You can paint the tree's branches in a variety of shapes. For instance, you can make the branches of the tree ooze with fluid strokes. You can also make them ooze with irregular shapes, and you can make them ooze with different textures. It all depends on what you want the tree to convey.

Another trick you can use is to paint each branch separately. This will allow you to better express the tree's shape and texture. In fact, when you're done with your tree painting, it will look as if each branch has its own purpose. Have fun with it. Branch the tree to fit your personality. Just make sure the branches are complementary to one another and the tree won't look like an eyesore.

If you're new to painting trees, start off with a small tree. The branches in the back should be thicker than the ones in the front. Use a brush for the more intricate work. Make sure you're wearing thick gloves for protection against the paint.

Let your imagination run wild. You can try making tree movements in the air. You can also try making the tree stop at various locations or bend in different ways. Whatever you do, don't go overboard. The last thing you want is to distract your audience from the tree's main idea. If you get caught up in the design, tree painting might not be as fun as you thought it would be.

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