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Wave Painting

The Wave Painting method is an easy way to create unique picture art. I used to do this a long time ago and loved it. The method is easy, you just need some basic Photoshop skills. This article will explain how to do it.

You will need to have some basic computer skills before you start your artwork. To get started with this method you need to draw the basic ocean shapes onto a new layer. I usually use my copy tool to make the lines precise. The most important layer is the base color. You can use any color that you want but I usually stay with the basic yellow to make my paintings more crisp.

Next you need to add the sky and ocean wave painting. I usually make my own clouds in Photoshop. You should be able to find a picture of clouds that you like in the picture section of Photoshop. Then you just need to add the bottom of the clouds to your canvas.

Now you need to print your picture and then hang it on the wall. I prefer hanging my prints on my wall at my office as it makes the artwork pop out. After your prints are hung you should make a nice decorating plan. For example: painting the background in yellow and then painting the ocean wave painting in black. That would make a really great wave collection.

The trick to master for great looking art is to master using quick strokes and soft continuous strokes. Use a small brush for very fine details and a large brush for the background. For this method you will need a steady hand as you will need to paint over the background several times and get used to how it comes out.

One tip that I have always enjoyed is painting in black and yellow paint. After the ocean foam was dried I simply added more foam onto my canvas. I did the same thing with the water wave before adding the foam. Once again you want to make sure you have a steady hand here because it does take some time to learn.

The next step is to mix white and black paints together. This will give the appearance that the dark color has been blended into the background. To blend the colors just use black paint one at a time and blend them using white paint. Make sure you blend them equally.

This gives us our line work for our art. The darker color on the background should be blended in using brush. You can create a smooth transition from one color to the next. You want to keep it as even as possible. If your canvas is not straight you can always use straight edge markers to make the transition. You can also use a combination of brush and straight edge.

Now we are going to do a little experimentation with the techniques that I mentioned above. I decided to blend the two colors so they would appear to be the same. I mixed up the amounts of both paints and repeated it on the canvas to get a smooth blending. This technique is very easy to master and will give you a very clean and seamless finish. It will give your transparent wave painting seascapes a real professional look.

You may also want to try a different approach to how to paint a wave. This time I let the waves follow the contour of my body. Using the two paints I placed onto my canvas, I began to paint along my arms and the curve of my back. This gave me the effect of ripples on the water.

Finally, I wanted to do a few paintings of the ocean with this technique. In each of my two water waves I blended in my ocean color. The result was magnificent! Each water wave looked like it was following the contours of my body. This made the entire painting much more relaxing and enjoyable. Your first couple of creations won't have as many waves, but over time they will take on more depth and become breathtaking.

Hokusai is a great place to start learning about oil painting. Even if you don't want to create your own paintings there are plenty of excellent Hokusai artists who are more than willing to take an original idea and make it into a beautiful piece for you. Hokusai also has some great Wave pictures for you to choose from. You can find them online or at most art galleries around the world.

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