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American Gothic Painting

American Gothic is an oil painting by Grant Wood in his series of the Art Institute of Chicago's series of paintings called The Best American Photography. Wood was influenced to paint what would become the classic American Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa and “the type of people [he] thought should live there”. It was also his passion for westerns that influenced his work so much. This article discusses the different styles of American Gothic, the mixing of various styles to create something new, and the influence of Grant Wood on modern artists like himself. Many of today's modern artists owe a debt to Wood, who is probably most famous for having created such well-loved works as the reclining figure in his The Phoenix and The Black Diamond.

In the painting, called The Ladder to the Sea, Grant Wood includes many elements from the other artists involved in this popular American Gothic style. The Ladder features a couple sitting on a beach while a dark sea approaches with a fogbank in the background. The sea is actually a reference to Grant Wood's own experience traveling in the deep sea. He had experienced a near-death experiences in which he became trapped in a rickety boat for nearly three days and emerged a changed man. This event has become the basis for Wood's painting.

Another famous American Gothic painting is The Dentist from Fifty Shades of Grey. This time, the dentist is not in a real clinic, but rather inside his own office in a small town in Iowa. His face is very pale and almost like a mask. He has short hair and wears a wire mesh mask over his eyes.

The painting also features elements of the American Gothic style. His choice of colors is bright and vibrant such as the reds, oranges and yellow that are prominent in American Gothic paintings. The bright colors used in this American Gothic painting may be because of Wood's own experience living in Iowa in the 1930s.

The third American Gothic painting that we will discuss is called The Fighting Cocks of Eldon. This is a larger version of the first American Gothic painting called The Dentist. Although it shares some similar components with The Dentist, it takes on a grander and more ambitious artistic style. For this reason, Grant Wood based his version of the American gothic on the life and work of American Gothic artist John Sellers.

Unlike the previous two American gothic paintings, The Fighting Cocks of Eldon shows a very pronounced use of contrast in its design. In particular, the painting features two different shades of reds combined with a smattering of black and white. The colors are set against a background of blue and white. This American Gothic painting is based on Sellers work called The Fighting Cocks of Eldon.

The fourth and final American Gothic painting we will discuss is entitled Autumn Leaves. Like The Fighting Cocks of Eldon, Autumn Leaves is based on Sellers work. However, it takes on a grander and more ambitious appearance. It depicts what would seem to be shadows Blight's face as he sits upon his horse. As his eyes fall upon the falling leaves, a sense of sadness envelopes him. This is clearly meant to convey the hopelessness of life and the toll that it takes on the human soul.

So that our series of gothic paintings has been discussed, we have presented each of these four paintings in order from the more traditional to the more outrageous. All four are truly unsettling, and each depicts a different aspect of the macabre. While there is no exact pattern or timeline by which to place these paintings, the overall theme of each one certainly holds the common characteristics that make them a true gothic masterpiece. As you peruse through the internet, look for the hidden websites that feature older works of artists such as Grant Wood, Edgar Degas, Jim Morrison, and more. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of gothic art!

Amazon | American Gothic Painting

Amazon | American Gothic Painting