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Easy Flower Painting

Flower painting is a very easy activity for children to learn and enjoy doing. All you need to have are paints, crayons and some pretty paint brushes. It is important to know how to use these tools when learning how to do flower painting. Once you gain more confidence and do not get discouraged then you will soon be able to do this as a hobby and for a source of entertainment.

The first step in easy flower painting is to prepare the tools and materials. All you need is a cotton swab pack and a smooth wet paint brush. For the flower shapes you will need: dried flowers, crayons, stencil, watercolor paints, acrylic paints and a cotton swab. You just need to take just a small brush and create some nice swirls on each flower with a gentle stretching out motion.

The second step in easy flower painting is to prepare the colors and supplies. Next you will need to gather up all of your supplies. Tools that you will need for this project include: paint brushes, dip pen, pencils, colored pencils, pastels, watercolor paints, paint tubes, cotton swab, rags or rugs, stencils, stamps, stickers and a rubber stamp. It is also helpful to have glue guns, but they tend to look messy. For your flowers you should use pale pink, light yellow, soft green, pale blue and pale mauve. You can also use other colors but these will give your flower so much more of that beautiful look you strive to create.

For the third step in easy flower painting, you must apply the paint. For this part you will need to apply the paint using the smallest brush you can. You should make sure that paint comes off easily on your fingers because it will be difficult for you to get it on the bundle with your cotton swab if it sticks to your fingers too much. If you are painting with cotton swabs that stick to your fingers, your finished product will not come out as well.

After your first attempt at easy flower painting you will be ready to move on to the next step. To complete your tutorial you will need to transfer this final step onto cardstock. To do this, you will want to cut a piece of cardstock that is the same size as your bundle. Make sure that you match up the design with the size of your cardstock; otherwise it will not look right when you add in your own designs. After you have made your transfer, then you will want to paste your design onto your bundle.

Now let's move onto some other easy flower painting ideas. One idea is to create bouquets of different vibrant colors. To do this you will need a good supply of bright and vibrant colored flowers in various sizes. The next step to creating these bouquets is to glue one blossom to the bottom of the stem. Then all you have to do is thread a long piece of yarn or a string of beads through the stems of your bright flowers, so that you will have an evenly distributed design.

Another great beginner technique that you can use is to paint a simple border around your flowers. To do this, start by painting a series of ovals and circles onto your bundle of flowers. Next attach a narrow piece of ribbon or something that will define the edge of your border. Once you have all of your borders painted up, you can start decorating the center of your flower bouquet. To do this, you will simply choose flowers that will go well with each other and then paint the colors of their petals onto the edge of your border.

The third step is to simply use an acrylic paints to paint your designs on the canvas. You may choose to purchase acrylic paints from your local art store or you may choose to create your own artwork. With either method, the most important tools that you will need are brushes, a canvas to paint on and an acrylic medium. Depending on which method that you choose to create your artwork, it may be necessary to invest in some additional equipment such as rollers and a canvas table. If you are looking to save money, you may want to purchase an old milk crate or a t-shirt. These are both inexpensive and they can serve as the basis for your canvas creation.

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