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Frida Kahlo Artwork

Frida Kahlo was an acclaimed Mexican writer and painter who lived and worked in Chicago, Illinois. One of her most famous paintings is entitled Homage to the Beautiful Woman. This work is presently displayed in the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City. Frida Kahlo's life and works are an important part of Chicano history and heritage. The large private collection of original Frida Kahlo art has now been on display at the Cleve R. Corso gallery in the Museum of Arts and Design at College of DuPage.

The Museum of Arts and Design is operated by the college's Department of Art History. The mission of the museum is to bring to its audiences, an education that is informed by visual art. In addition to this, the museum is dedicated to promoting the importance of art in society. In addition to the regularly scheduled art events, the museum also commissions abstract exhibitions and curatorial programs that bring about critical discussions about the impact of contemporary art on society and on our lives. Other regular activities include musical evenings and workshops intended to encourage people to develop their aesthetic sense.

One of Frida Kahlo's most well-known works is called Bel Ami (oration) from the Sistine Madonna. It was created during the mid nineteen-hundreds at the request of Ignacio Bailey Leon. It is one of the most well-known and attractive oil paintings of Kahlo. The painting is one of the most highly respected in all of the oil painting genre.

Frida Kahlo's painting Bel Ami also received a commission from Pope Paul VI who was impressed by it. The painting is one of only two paintings from this artist that is still in existence. The other painting, The Virgin of Louvain, was destroyed during World War II.

Frida Kahlo's personal life was tumultuous. She experienced abandonment by her husband and sister and experienced years of domestic conflict. All of these factors added up to a marked artist in her career. Her painting The Virgin of Louvain is still popular among collectors. Another prominent artist who had a profound influence on her career was artist Rembrandt. Rembrandt died in a car crash and Frida used one of his famous landscape paintings as the cover for her own painting called Bel Ami.

Kahlo's use of light has always attracted her followers. In her painting Bel Ami, she used a combination of natural light and a bright, intense spot light which highlighted the action of the hand and the colors of the cloth. Her bold style of painting had a dynamic appeal that worked well in both her personal and public art displays. Another of her oil painting called The Calla Lily featured a beautiful scene of a lady who carries a birdcage as she sings a song of happiness. The painting is from her first album called Mass Society.

The boldness of Frida Kahlo's artwork has endeared her to many who appreciate her visual style. Many artists do not have the same bold designs and colors as Kahlo. One of the most noticeable characteristics of her art work was the dark use of shadows around objects. Her darkish color choices and use of dark hues make the objects pop out at their shapes.

Kahlo's paintings are available for sale online and in some galleries. For those who are interested in buying a Frida Kahlo canvas, it would be wise to visit an online art gallery to view the vast selection of work by this legendary artist. These galleries often offer many prints for sale. They can be paired with a coffee table book or displayed on a wall as a part of a larger living art work display.

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