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Starry Night Painting

The Starry Night is a unique oil-on-canvas art piece by Dutch master artist Vincent Van Gogh. Painted at Saint-Remy-sur-Mer, France, in June 1889, the Starry Night shows Van Gogh's fascination with the night sky and the bright constellations. Painted from memory, the Starry Night presents the artist's feelings about the delights of the night sky.

In this starry night painting, Van Gogh includes many different elements to create a longer-lasting impression. The focus is on the rising morning sun over the large windows of the room. The action is set against a background of gently blurred clouds. The foreground of the picture is occupied by a number of dancing and twirling lights along the ceiling and along the walls. The shining stars are represented by small, dark-colored dots.

Within this starry night painting, Van Gogh includes several other key elements. Among these are bright, moving shadows which occur throughout the picture as the morning sunlight begins to grow stronger, and in the course of the day, these shadows become more apparent. In addition, there are also several other elements which repeatedly appear throughout the painting. These include the outline of the landscape, a smoky fireplace, and various other objects which have been highlighted in the artist's attention through a variety of means, including the use of color.

Within the starry night painting, Van Gogh creates a powerful effect through the use of contrasting colors, on both the foreground and background of the painting. In particular, the two different shades of blue that he paints around the main central crescent moon seem to have been taken from a series of blues taken from the sky, and blended together in the canvas. Atopically, the entire painting seems to be created against a sky which is very cloudy and overcast. However, from this perspective, it appears that the cloudiness is actually representative of the longing for something that is far away, but which has now become very close to our hearts.

The large, dark brushstrokes of the sky, and the nearly total lack of detail in the actual clouds, lend the starry night painting a highly unique quality, especially since Van Gogh is one of the greatest impressionists of all time. For this reason, many critics feel that he is one of the most unsung modern artists of all time. Indeed, his reputation remains largely unearned, despite the fact that his life and art had a tremendous impact on the world. One can only imagine how big a role art will play in the future, when artists such as Seurat and Monet still hold the stature of giant figures in the history of art.

In addition to his starry night series of paintings, there are also other major works from his career. The Night Cafe, Starry Nightweight and Red Rocks are a trio of different artistic geniuses that are perhaps the most representative of Van Gogh's overall style. All three of these paintings were sold very prominently during the artist's lifetime, and they remain some of the best examples of his overall work. They each have a distinct sense of style, and speak to the needs of their times.

The Night Cafe painting is by Van Gogh, and like the starry night series, was sold very strongly when it was first painted. The painting consists of over 60 separate paintings that were individually purchased by buyers throughout Europe. Most of the paintings in the starry night series were painted while the artist was staying in Paris, in the months leading up to his death. Many of the paintings focused on buildings or landmarks around the city that can still be viewed today.

The starry Night painting from the famous series of painterly portraits was done using watercolors. The term watercolor was derived from the French word for water, which was calcan. Calcan refers to the bright, vibrant colors created by painting with water. It also refers to a technique that involves using quick, even strokes of the brush, to create an effect of depth in the painting. By utilizing quick brush strokes, the illusion of 3-D imagery created by van gogh is achieved.

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