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Van Gogh Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh was a patient in Saint-Remy insane asylum, for only a brief period. According to the account in his letter to his beloved brother Theo, Van Gogh was not at all bothered by the fact that he would be dying from an infection brought about by the 'tuberculosis' which was rampant in the insane asylum. He stated that he saw nothing gloomy or scary in his life and nothing else mattered. It must have been the painting of The Starry Night that impacted on his mind, and created that tragic effect in his art. It is perhaps this impact that led him to express in his painting such sublime emotions and feelings, that even today these paintings are highly respected amongst admirers all over the world.

It is easy to see the influence that The Starry Night had on Van Gogh. For instance, he has repeatedly referred to the beauty around him and the peace that pervade his everyday life. It can be concluded that he had come to terms with the death that would take place in his short life, and that he too was able to find meaning in his life. This art work surely played an important part in his conclusion of life and art.

From his painting The Starry Night, which came after a long illness, he went on to paint The Night Cafe, The Red Jacket, The Yellow House, The Starry Fly, The Starry Portrait, The Closets, The Seasons, Descent Into the Maelstrom, The Starry Mind, The Starry Night, and The Starry Portrait. All these paintings depict aspects of his artistic personality and have helped him to connect his life with his art. His paintings have helped him to connect his internal battle with the external battle going on in his life, with his artistic efforts helping him to see his life from a different perspective.

The Starry Night is perhaps the most famous painting of Van Gogh. It is perhaps his most difficult and most complex art work to complete. It took him three years and much hard work to complete it. He created this masterpiece while he was still very young, at the age of 19. The creation of this artwork was based on a dream that he had about flying.

In the dream he saw himself flying through the beautiful night air, above the brilliant city lights, and looking down at people enjoying the evening as he sat on the ground under a palm tree drinking wine and eating bread. In his words he wanted to escape all the things that bothered him about his life. He wanted to be free and forget all the cares of everyday life. He wanted to live a simple, happy life, away from all the troubles and sadness of the day.

As it turns out he did live away from his beloved city for several years and this dream came true when he married a woman named Theo Van Gogh. While he was away, she painted his name on the walls of her house. When he returned from his trip he worked on this beautiful artwork and it was only when his wife died, that he decided to put the art to complete use. It is this beautiful masterpiece, called The Starry Night, that you are sure to see during your travels, seeing that it is one of the most famous paintings of all time.

There is no doubt at all that Vincent Van Gogh was a very private man. He kept his feelings and personal problems to himself and only gave his art to close friends and family. He did not share his innermost thoughts with anyone and really only trusted his close friends. This included his assistants, nannies, and even the cleaning crew that worked so diligently to keep his home and work place clean and well maintained. He trusted them because they cared about him.

All in all, Van Gogh was a very private person, who in no way expected the world to be treated with respect. This is why he chose to create this wonderful artwork, which is available to anyone who visits Amsterdam. If you have the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, I highly recommend that you do. You will not regret it.

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