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Wall Art For Living Room

The Right Art For Your Living Room Wall Art Collection. Living Room Wall Art and Decor are a wonderful way to add color and elegance to your home. The right art for your living room wall art collections can be determined by the size of your living space, the mood that you want to create in your living room, and the theme or decor of your home. Art collections for living rooms are usually larger in size and scope, but they can be a great conversation piece and perfect decorative touches for any home.

Living room wall art can be bold and bright in contrast to lighter pastel colors. Many living rooms will use large, bold paintings on the walls to set a mood. Other large pieces may use a deep color palette with warm yellows and greens, a palette that is more reminiscent of nature and forest animals. Other modern living room wall art collections will use pastels in a pastel paint format to create soothing color palettes, with subtle highlights of various hues that will create a relaxing, dreamy feeling.

Color Palette Artwork for Living Rooms Art collections for living rooms can use almost any color palette to create an elegant and inviting look. Soft blues, rich reds, earthy mauve, taupe and sage greens can all be used to create a look that is sophisticated as well as inviting. Art galleries often have a wide range of canvas prints that can match the color palette of your home. Some living rooms will even use bold contrasting colors to create a unique look that will stand out from the rest of your home's decor.

Choosing a Theme for Living Room Wall Art Choosing a specific color palette is important for your living wall art collection. Some galleries specialize in particular themes for their wall art collection, while others will showcase a wider variety of artwork in a more general, unisex, style. Art galleries tend to display work by local artists and offer them in a format that can easily be hung on the wall. If you are searching for living room wall art that is more generalized, consider browsing through a gallery that offers an extensive range of framed art for purchase. These options are more expensive, but they allow you to match a color palette to a particular room.

Choosing a Design Style When it comes to living room wall art ideas, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of wall art you are going to hang. The size of your wall space and the exact shape of your room's dimensions are important factors when choosing a specific design style. Large canvas wall art is usually better suited for walls that are wider than tall. Smaller canvas wall art can be displayed on tall walls that are shorter in length. If you are looking for a unique piece of wall art, consider choosing a design that is uniquely sized to fit your wall space.

Color Palette When it comes to living room wall art ideas, color is probably the most important factor. When selecting canvas wall art, you are almost always presented with a choice between two different colors or a single color. Most people tend to choose a single color for their living rooms, but you may want to experiment with different painting techniques to get a more unique look. You should consider carefully what colors will best complement your furniture and other decorative elements.

Frame Types Many buyers make the mistake of bypassing the importance of the frame when choosing living room wall art ideas. Frames hold the entire piece of art in place, and are the single most important aspect of wall art. When choosing a frame, buyers should consider the size and shape of the frame, as well as the material the frame is made from. Framed art buyers can also buy ready-made frames from an online gallery or from a brick-and-mortar craft store. Ready-made frames come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any standard picture frame, and can be customized to fit your particular artwork.

Copycat Wall Art Another way for art buyers to enhance the look of their living room walls is to incorporate pieces of copycat wall art from other rooms of their house. Many times, homeowners will choose to replicate a special piece of wall art from their children's room. For example, if the child's room has a “Donut” mural painted in the shape of a donut, the art buyer may decide to replicate this popular theme in their living room by purchasing a framed version of the original artwork. Other popular copycat themes include: nursery rhymes, race cars and sports teams, cartoon characters and holiday scenes.

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