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Frida Kahlo Art

From her unique vantage point on top of the tallest cliffs in the world, Frida Kahlo offers a magnificent view of New Zealand and the azure blue of the ocean. This is a rare opportunity for all to see the fragile beauty of nature close up, to be inspired by her words, to enjoy the serenity of a quiet evening on the beach and to feel the tranquil peace with her. A famous writer who experienced everything from childhood trauma to a personal falling out with husband and then her untimely death at a very young age, Kahlo offers us a glimpse into the human condition through her writings and the beautiful images that she brought to life. It's her gift as a visual artist to bring these characters to life, bringing to light a part of our humanity that many have yet to experience.

In her book The Gardens of Idyllis, she presents a beautiful example of this serenity through the creation of 'The Garden of Endlessness'. The work takes the viewer on a journey through an alternate version of a fairy tale world, full of vivid colors, vividly detailed flora and an endless array of different animals. In the tradition of impressionism, the work includes a myriad of everyday objects along with a number of figurines and paintings, which give the viewer a wonderful view of the beautiful world created by the artist. Frida Kahlo's unique brand of humour permeates throughout the work and the scenes within it help the reader to imagine their own lives beneath the flowers and the colours.

The works done from the perspective of the stark reality of everyday life show us how we can find beauty in places that are least expected or perhaps most difficult to reach. The depth of these images enables the artist to inject a sense of reality into situations that would otherwise seem alien and unbelievable. One painting in particular stands out as an example of Frida Kahlo art in action; it shows a man attempting to urinate as a form of self-punishment following the discovery of his infidelity. The imagery is almost comical, but then again, the message is also very serious; that you must not ignore the voice of reason in spite of your heart of stone.

Kahlo's style of art is inspired by nature; a close observer will be able to note the wide variety of colours and the broad brush strokes that constantly appear. These portray a world where every grain and every colour was used to create some sort of pattern. This style of painting is inimitable and the end result is a beautiful creation that anyone would be proud to display. Kahlo's unique style of painting inspires a new generation to appreciate the importance of everyday living and how every single day can contribute to the richness of life.

One piece in particular stands out as inspired and totally different from all the rest. It shows a group of people at a store talking animatedly. The colours run together in a vibrant array that is captivating and fun. What better way to inspire than to create a work of art that is so enjoyable to look at.

In the mid twentieth century Frida Kahlo's artwork was greatly influenced by her travels around Mexico. In her paintings there are clear influences of Native American art, such as the cliff painting and the mountain and water scenes. This style of art inspired many other artists who in turn created their own tribal designs and art.

It is easy to see why Frida Kahlo's artwork has become such a popular choice among collectors. It has a vibrancy and intensity that is difficult to reproduce in modern art. Although many of her paintings are hugely popular, the majority of Kahlo's work remains unknown to the general public. This is largely because most of her paintings remain stored away in private collections instead of being exhibited publicly.

There is no doubt that anyone who appreciates art will have a favourite artist. However, when it comes to Frida Kahlo she is certainly one of the best. Her work is original and of timeless quality. For this reason she will continue to be a significant force in the world of art for years to come. If you are looking for an exciting and original style of art then Frida Kahlo is a great choice. You can find many examples of her work online.

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