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Jesus Paintings

There is one thing that all Christians believe in and that is the fact that Jesus was a carpenter and that he created Jesus paintings while he was alive on the cross. While the mainstream religions are quick to point to his birth as a miracle and the fact that he rose from the dead, the truth is that Jesus did not create his artwork until after he was dead. The best evidence of this comes from the cross which he was confronted with and yet he chose to paint on it. How can we trust in this testimony?

We are not talking about contemporary works which are mass produced and sold by the thousands to fund a religion, although some churches do promote these types of Jesus paintings and offer them for sale. What we are talking about is actual physical art work that was created by one of the most respected religious figures in history. The artwork was created during the time of Jesus' life and then was displayed in his home as part of his living memorial display. Many Christians hold that it was this display of his passion for God which inspired him to create the artwork. Others view it as being a way for him to display his love of Jesus to those who visited his home.

The oldest known painting of Jesus was created around 65 AD and was discovered in Jerusalem by a fisherman. This fisherman would regularly go to the Temple of Jerusalem and most likely seen Jesus in the garden at sunset. Nearby he found a piece of papyrus which described a man named Nazareth which has become the most famous depiction of Jesus.

Other ancient paintings of Jesus show him as being bare foot and wearing a tunic and a fisherman's hat. The tattoos on his arms were unique in that they did not bear any writing but simply had intertwining black lines. These tattoos were popular with the women of Jesus' day and therefore portray him as a gentle and kind man. Paintings also showed Jesus in various different styles of dress; he may have been a fisherman as well as a follower of Christ. In modern times the traditional image of Jesus shows Him wearing a long white robe and standing on a ladder calling down to those who have souls waiting below.

Modern artists have portrayed Jesus as being more than a fisherman and more into miracles and being a great teacher. Many paintings of jesus have him as being completely covered in white while being smitten with divine energy. He is often pictured as being healed of a sickness or as being touched by God himself. The earliest known image of jesus shows him in the Garden of Gethsemane with the daughter of Laban, being healed of the palsy of her fingers by a young child named Lazarus.

A more modern artist called Kennith Rinker paints a fresher version of the story of the Last Supper in which Jesus is portrayed as being the bread and the cup in which the Passover bread was baked. The title of this fresher version is “The Night Before the Nativity”. Kennith Rinker also paints a fresher version of the story of the Magi which includes Him riding on a donkey which passes through the streets of Magi. The Night Before the Nativity and the Magi are perhaps two of the most famous paintings of the life of Jesus.

The most famous paintings of jesus show Him as being crucified and being raised from the dead. These famous paintings are well known and have graced the halls of countless churches, cathedrals and homes. One of the most famous paintings of jesus, a depiction of Him in the Garden of Gethsemane with the mother of John the Baptist are two of the most famous paintings of all time. Other depictions of jesus that are popular with both believers and non-believers alike include the Last Supper, the Nativity, the Resurrection of jesus and the Last Judgment.

One of the most intriguing paintings of jesus that features the Crucifixion of Christ is a work by Salvador Dali entitled, “The Dance of the Vitreous”. This work predates much of the art that was created during the renaissance and baroque periods and is considered to be one of the masterpieces of art in the category of Populatia. The work of Salvador Dali is notable for being one of only a few examples of an artist portraying Jesus' crucifixion. In fact, a cross by another artist of Judaic origin called Aaronovitch which is located in Ukraine is thought to be the earliest example of a Christian crucifixion.

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