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Line Art

Line art or pencil drawing is basically any drawing that has no obvious beginning and end, and has a strong theme. The drawing is made by smooth passing of a continuous flat over a rigid surface. This drawing can be created by using smooth water; the pen or pencil is simply dipped into the liquid and the drawing is done. This type of art is often confused with pencil art because of its smooth flowing nature.

Some of the most famous modern artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Bob Kane have produced some of the most complex and detailed line art work. Many people use these simple lines to draw portraits of their loved ones. Other interesting examples of line art are the works of Pop artist Banksy which take on the appearance of different textures such as sea shells, rocks and branches. The artist draws these forms by manipulating the light and shadow that enters the eye to create interesting shapes and shadows.

Simple line art has also been used in printmaking to produce images that look handmade. illustrators often chose this medium to produce images for publications such as children's books, magazines and newspapers. Illustration is an area of graphic design that has experienced a recent growth in popularity. Many artists choose illustration as a profession due to the flexibility it provides and the ability to work from a simple sketch that was originally developed on a piece of paper.

Artistic line artworks usually depict natural scenes or objects. They are usually created for decoration or for advertising purposes. There is no real strict limit to what can be drawn using this technique other than the fact that lines are the main feature. It is not uncommon to see abstract patterns and designs as well. People have used geometrical shapes, floral patterns and even cartoons for expressing themselves through these lines.

Artistic line artworks are typically constructed from bold primary colors. These are usually followed by secondary hues that give the image extra dimension. When used to depict humans and animals they give the impression that the viewer is actually looking at them. This makes the piece stand out as an exceptional piece of artwork. These artworks are popular among kids and young adults because of the ability to convey feelings and provide a point of view that is not provided by more traditional two-dimensional works.

There are different ways that artists express themselves through their line art drawings. One common method that is used is called the forced perspective drawing. In this method, the artist draws everything straight on with the vertical lines being just ahead of the horizontal ones. From this, you can understand how forcing the eye to look directly at the main subject can create depth and make the image more attractive. Another common form is called the mixed media approach where the lines are painted in shades that are darker or lighter than the main subject.

A more convenient way to draw using one continuous line is by utilizing drawing utensils called continuous lines. The main advantage is that there is no need for you to draw directly on the lines with your pen. You can instead transfer your drawing onto a piece of paper first before finally finishing it off on the drawing utensil. Other drawing utensils that you can use include roller and lead pencils. To transfer your drawing onto a sheet of paper, you can make use of a grid paper.

With these simple lines, it will be easy for you to express yourself artistically. This is important especially when learning the basics of drawing. There are other more advanced techniques that you can learn in order to improve your skills. If you are interested in learning more, why not check out some of the online sites where there are tutorials that can help you enhance your skills with line drawing.

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