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Night Sky Painting

Night sky is one of the most beautiful sights in the whole universe and it would surely be an inspiration for your paintings. Touching on the philosophical concepts of discovery and of investigation, this night sky painting depicts the fascinating history of man s fascination with the visible universe and the heavenly bodies that sits overhead. It would surely give you a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that you have created such gorgeous art. To create such a masterpiece, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind. These tips will help you visualize the images in your head and bring them to life on the canvas.

One tip that you should never forget is to determine the correct horizon line when painting the night sky. The horizon line is the top point where you want your image to end. This is extremely critical when doing a painting of the sky. It may seem a bit strange, but the Horizon Line will set the mood of the whole painting and help you determine what subject you are going to paint. It's a good practice to make your Horizon line as deep as possible, but not too deep because it may cause your canvas to shake.

You should always choose a single color for your sky painting. This is done because using different shades for the different areas of your painting will dilute its meaning. Also, using different shades for different parts of your painting would be interesting, but in reality, they will ruin your work because they will destroy the contrast that you are trying to achieve. It is also important to understand that painting night sky should be done in only one hue, preferably a light or neutral tone, because using too many colors will make it look too busy. If you want to achieve a very deep night sky painting, you can use three or four hues for the top part of your painting.

Now let us start with the sky itself. As you probably know, there are different layers of the sky, and using only one hue for each of them will ruin the effect. The most popular example for this is, using only blue for the background. You should not do that because it will be very boring, and you will not achieve the depth that you are looking for when painting the night sky painting.

Another important tip for your sky is to make sure that you will have enough white dots for your painting. Usually, a painting will need more than fifty white dots, but it will all be useless if you will not be able to place them correctly. I will give you a quick example on how to place the white dots so you will understand why it is very important to have more white dots.

Let us start with the background. After you have painted the background, you should then start with the brighter sky. What you should do now is place all the colors that you have for your background on the top layer of your canvas. Then, you can work on the lower layers by working on the bottom layer first. As we just said, it is important to have more than fifty percent of colors mixed with your main color in order to avoid the “blah” effect. After you are done with all the lighter sky layers, you can then go ahead with the darker sky.

If you are working with two or three colors, you can use the neutral colors first and then the colors that you are going to use as your accent colors. For example, if you are using violet and cobalt blue, you can first blend the two light colors with a little bit of white paint so it will become a little bit dark. And then, you can add the neutral colors at the bottom. You can use more than four colors for your night sky painting, but I strongly recommend only using three.

When you are done with your night sky painting, you can apply a thin gold or silver border around your image. This will complete your beautiful painting. I have included a link at the bottom of this article to a tutorial that shows you step by step how to do this. I would suggest that you use a thick paper for your poster printing so that the finished look will be as good as possible. Night sky images are definitely some of my favorite images to create.

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