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Simple Canvas Painting

Simple canvas painting is what every true artist would love to master. It is not as hard as it seems to be. Learn this craft and become an artist; here are the simple and easy canvas painting tips for beginners. Drip painting: Since this art-work would really inspire you, learn this craft and bring out your creative pro-artist in you.

Color mixing: It has been a proven fact that different colors have different effects on human minds. Learn the art of combining different colors in order to come up with unique designs. Simple canvas paintings can be created using only three basic colors, black, white and other multi-color hues.

Glitter: Do you know that using glitter can make your simple canvas painting more attractive? It will definitely attract the attention of your audience. Before applying glitter on your painting, you need to prepare your brushes and other supplies such as the paint, paper, scissors and paint rollers. You can also use glitter balls in order to create glittery effects. However, do not overdo it as glitter can harm your eyes.

Use different painting ideas: There are many painting ideas available for beginners on the internet. However, do not copy these pictures as you might end up ruining them. Try to explore and create your own unique paintings.

Choose the right brushes: For beginners, it is recommended to use cheap oil paints. The oil paints are thick and therefore, it is difficult to apply the paint with thin strokes. Beginners should opt for steel bristles brushes because they have small gaps between the bristles. When the bristles are together, you will be able to apply thicker strokes.

Shade the image source: For a simple canvas painting, it is recommended to shade the image source so that it will become more interesting and natural. There are a lot of options to choose from including flat, embossed, matte and semi-gloss. Shade the image source according to the colors or theme of the painting. If you want to change the shades of the image, you can simply select new brush and blend the shades.

Use warm colors: For decorative paintings, it is best to choose warm colors. Warm colors will make the objects in the painting look bigger and brighter. You can use warm colors such as red, orange, yellow and green. These colors can help you make the objects in the painting stand out.

Use the right tools: As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different paint brushes that you can use when you want to paint on canvas. There are brushes that are made specifically for painting on canvas. You have to choose the right one that will suit the size of your canvas. Other than that, there are also rollerpens and spongepens that you can use to paint on canvas. There are other simple yet easy canvas painting ideas for beginners that you can try.

Choose the right borders: When you are doing the painting of an image, you have to choose the right borders so that it will look more appealing. You have to make sure that you do not cut off any part of the image source. The borders will just be quite easy as long as you know the right colors to use. For example, the canvas should have a light pink color while the image should have a dark blue color.

Use the right backdrop: The backdrop is quite important when you are doing the painting of an image on canvas. You have to choose a backdrop which is quite easy and simple. For example, a plain picture frame with a plain background will be quite simple and easy for beginners to do. It will be better if the backdrop of the image has some contrast so that the colors of the image will stand out.

Choose the right colors: When you are doing the painting of an image on canvas, it is better if you choose the colors in a way that it will be more appealing to your eyes. The colors should also be in the proper order so that you can make it more appealing and beautiful to look at. The most popular palette of colors used by many artists is the warm color palette. When you are painting with warm colors, it will be easier to blend the colors so that you can make the image look more appealing to your eyes. You can choose from the basic colors or you can even create your own color palette depending on your liking.

Select the right brushes and paints: It is better if you choose the brushes that are oil based and water based. It is because oil based brushes will give the paint more staying power when you are painting. Meanwhile, water based brushes will give your painting with more flexibility. However, the choice of brushes and paints will depend on your preference and need. For beginners, they can start painting with the basic colors and paints but they must learn how to use the brush properly so that they can do different kinds of paintings later on.

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