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Simple Guidance For You In Cost To Paint A House

Choosing the right exterior painting project can be cost effective if you have done your research beforehand. You can save a great deal of money by hiring professionals to do the work. But what if you decide to do the job yourself? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Here are some things to consider before painting your house:

First, consider the type of exterior material you use. Different types of material require different amounts of coats of paint. The most expensive type of exterior material you can use is vinyl siding, followed by aluminum and wood. Cost to paint a house generally ranges from $20 up to 80, and highly trained professionals often receive a discount of up to 50 percent off the price tag for painting a home with top-notch quality materials.

Next, consider the size of the painted area. If you need a large project like a deck or garage, you might not be able to cover the entire exterior area with one coat of paint. If the project includes renovation of the exterior, the cost will be greater. A good rule of thumb is to always assume three times the square footage of the painted area to calculate the cost of the project.

Now consider the material you're using for your exterior. Exterior cabinetry, for example, is made out of heavy gauge steel and is not easy to paint. It's possible that the National Average for the cost to paint a house would be higher than this if you used aluminum, but the savings would be minimal. Keep in mind that a professional's cost is lower than the cost of a local contractor. However, it's important to make sure the national average is an accurate measure of the cost of exterior painting.

The most important part of the total paint job involves the preparation of the house. This step alone can vary the cost of the project by several dollars. One of the first steps involved in prep work is painting the siding of the house itself. If you're using a siding that comes with pre-painted moldings, the overall cost of the project will be much lower. In fact, most people will be surprised at just how little the cost to paint a house can be when you consider the time and effort that must go into all the steps of painting a house. The general labor expense of a paint job is comparable to the cost of taking a two-hour course in painting.

The next factor involved in the paint price is the type of paint and the primer used for the job. Most people use water-based paint available at any hardware or home improvement store. However, there are a number of individuals who prefer to use oil-based paint as it gives better coverage and does not dry out quickly as the water-based products do. It's also important to note that the primer used must be oil-based to prevent it from drying out and flaking.

Once the house is painted, it will need to have a primer applied before the paint can be applied. This is typically done in the same manner as the exterior painting of the house. Typically, it is done with three coats of primer and two coats of clear coat. A standard paint job can cost anywhere from three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars depending on the total project and the amount of work involved in preparation, application and coating. These final costs will vary depending on the manufacturer and the company doing the job.

The final step is usually called “banning” or “painting over.” The homeowner will then get rid of all the old paint and replace it with new paint. This process is often referred to as “over plastering.” The end result is a project that has a smooth, flat surface that appears to be brand new. The average time for this last step to take is between one to two days, depending on the amount of work involved in preparation, the size of the house and the manufacturer's recommendation.

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