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What’s So Trendy About Painting Projects That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Painting projects are a good way of keeping you active and taking care of all the painting chores. Painting is a fun activity which lets you explore your artistic side and make something beautiful in your surroundings. This way you spend time with you loved ones and look at the world in a new light. Painting is a fun activity which allows you to experiment and try something new. It also keeps you busy from time to time and ensures you don't get bored.

These painting projects are simple and need only a few basic supplies. A paint brush and a medium to use for the paintings are enough to start off with. However, you can add more elements as you become familiar with painting. The list of paint brushes, canvases and mediums are endless.

Quick 5 minute painting projects involve painting one large image or several small images. You need an easel and blue painters tape, scissors, pencils and paintbrushes. For this project you can start by using one coat of blue painters tape to the top and bottom third of the picture and another coat of painters tape to the remaining part of the picture. If the picture is transparent you need to use opaque paint so that the other colors show through.

Now you can draw a shape on the canvas in a contrasting color than what you have painted. This way the picture stands out. You can use the white ones if there are no bright colors in the background to give emphasis to the shape you have drawn. For contrast you can add some black paint. When you are done with the painting projects, wash the canvas and use the original dark colors to keep it clean.

Another fun activity for kids is to do a watercolor painting. You can ask them to paint flowers in the same manner as an artist would paint a portrait. You can do this in different sizes so that the kids can work from smaller areas at a time. They should be able to remove the colors from the canvas once it is dried.

To get started with this project, they will need a watercolor canvas and sketch board or a plain sheet of white paper. You can prepare all the materials before the lesson begins. Prepare the black paint by pouring some black paint onto one end of the cloth and dipping it into hot water. Once you have dipped the cloth into the water, allow it to become wet. Mix the colors with the help of your children until you obtain a smooth end product.

The children can now work on painting the different colors on the cloth. Give them small portions of paint and allow them to mix it with the other side of the cloth. For the next portion, you can ask them to dip down the end part of the roller and roll the brush. When you think the cloth has been successfully painted, you can now give it back to them so that you can dry it properly.

The next part of the watercolor and acrylic painting tutorial will be to choose the correct brush. The paint and brushes are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of the children will prefer the thinner brushes for the watercolor while the kids who prefer thicker paints will prefer the acrylic brushes. In order to get a better understanding of the brush, you can talk to the child who is painting. This will help you understand what size you should buy or what size will suit them best.

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