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Why You Must Experience Simple Painting Ideas At Least Once In Your Lifetime

So you've had enough of the dull and repetitive chores of painting your nails and need some simple painting ideas for beginners. You're not alone, many beginners go through the motions of painting their nails because they are stuck for ideas. Choosing a painting theme can be hard, especially for beginner acrylic painters who still are searching for simple, easy to do paintings that won't require a lot of thought or be too challenging for their advanced skill level. This article is devoted to giving simple, inspiring but not too difficult painting ideas but not necessarily so simple that they become discouraging. These techniques described here were not always done by advanced painters, but all of them described here are appropriate for both new beginners and experienced painters alike.

Abstract Art: This style of painting is done with a lot of bare, natural colors that have not been distorted in any way. Abstract painting is done on canvas in natural light. You may use primary and secondary colors and just paint what comes to mind with no concern for blending or creating layers. When you have an idea in mind and you're ready to create it on paper, pencils, charcoal or acrylic paints, you can easily erase it and start over if you like.

Portrait Painting: Another of the simple painting ideas for beginners is to use a photograph as your image source. You may choose to use an actual photograph or a print that you've lying around or one of your own pictures that you took yourself. This idea is great for inspirational pictures and for just relaxing and observing the beauty in your environment. It gives you the opportunity to play with colors and contrast until you find the colors and mood that you want to express in your artwork.

Tree Portraits: Tree portraits are another of the many simple painting ideas for beginners that use an actual photograph or an original print. For this type of painting you need to frame the subject so that you can keep all of the details in mind when you paint. You need to use dark and light tones to enhance the tree and the surrounding environment. Using the same painting techniques for this style as you would for abstract paintings and the abstract style in general.

Acrylic Painting Ideas: These simple acrylic painting ideas for beginners can be applied to nearly any surface. If you wish to give a photo-like effect to a canvas, you can first paint the background white and then add your accent colors onto it. You can apply several shades of your accent colors and blend them together using a brush. You can even add a little bit of texture using the sponge as well as paint the colors into the canvas with the sponge.

Easy Landscape Painting Ideas: Some people think that oil painting is easier than acrylics but both of these types of artists can produce great results. With acrylics you will want to apply lighter shades of paint to the support and darker shades to the actual subject. This way you can create depth and you can choose from several different sizes of brush for the brush strokes. Oil painting beginners also find that they can select their own colors. This is one of the most popular ways to obtain easy landscape paintings for beginners.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Artworks: These are two of the simplest, easiest, and cheapest of all of the simple painting ideas for beginners. All that you have to do is find an unframed, roll in tube for canvas and simply tape the canvas to the inside of the glass pane. Then you simply place the stencil on the inside and you are ready to decorate. The easiest way to obtain these types of paintings for beginners is to buy the largest tube that you can find at the store, and tape the canvas to the inside. When you get home, simply unfold the piece of canvas that you wrapped and the picture will be complete.

When it comes to learning how to paint with acrylics or any type of paints, there are many easy to understand, and simple techniques that you can learn. All that you have to do is take the time to learn the basic techniques and you will be well on your way to developing and enhancing your oil painting skills, and your fine art oil painting skills as well. You will be able to add different textures, tones, and layers of color to your artwork easily, and you will be able to generate some very unique and original paintings, prints, and sculptures.

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