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36th Wedding Anniversary is Coming up Fast

The 36th wedding anniversary is coming up fast. This is the perfect time to think about the things that you want to get for your significant other. There is no reason to wait. You know that you have been married long enough and things just are not the same as they were when you first got married. If you wait any longer you may be missing out on all that fun.

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The 36th wedding anniversary is a very important milestone in your relationship. You have lived through a lot of years together, and now it is time to celebrate. The following are some ideas for gifts that you could give at this milestone:

The traditional gift for a 36th wedding anniversary would be something that is very personal. You may purchase something for both of you that you enjoy. You may choose to give a lovely bouquet of flowers so that she knows that you are thinking of her, and these fresh flowers will make your home really bright. A bottle of champagne may also be a great idea.

You may want to think about a theme for the gift as well. Do you want to give something that has some meaning to the both of you? You can give your husband some nice cuff links that are made in the style of the two of you. For the women, you could get some nice crystal bridal jewelry set or a nice watch to go along with the theme. Whether the theme is western or eastern, you will easily be able to find something that is perfect for the special anniversary.

What other ideas do you have for the gift? Some ideas may be something that can be used as a memory for the milestone year. This could include things like a picture frame with a special photo of the two of you. Another idea for souvenirs would be to take some small items with you so that you know that you did accomplish something. There are all sorts of unique items that people purchase to mark milestones in their lives.

You can also choose a theme for the year instead of a specific item. Many people really like the idea of celebrating the milestone year as a theme. This could be an idea that you use for your gift giving for the next 36th wedding anniversary year. For example, you could get each person a small ceramic plate as a remembrance of the year that you were married. Each time that they use it they will be able to look at the photo on the ceramic plate and remember all of the fun that they had.

The idea is to personalize the gifts that you give so that the person actually feels like they were there at the event when you gave them their present. One great gift idea for the next 36th wedding anniversary would be to have everyone create a memory collage of things that you and the two of you did together. You can use anything that you would like to put into the collage. If you are both avid fans of music then you might want to include songs that you have sung together. If you are both very crafty then maybe you could make a scrapbook that chronicles all of the different items that you have crafted together over the years.

One last gift idea for your friends and loved ones on your 36th wedding anniversary is something that has sentimental value to you. If you both are avid collectors of items and antiques then why not commemorate the date of your first meeting with a personalized item. For example, you could get each person to create a small scrapbook of memorabilia that they carry with them and every time they look at it they will be reminded of the first time that you met. Of course if you cannot come up with anything specific in this category then just any pretty bone china with the word engraved on it would be perfect.

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