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Another Classic 23rd Anniversary Gift

A faithful, lifelong marriage is always a celebration song. And just like a good song, every individual plays his or her own special instrument while making something beautiful together. So let's celebrate the 23rd year of marital bliss with yet another classic 23rd anniversary gift – music, song and hopefully some dancing! What better way to start off our celebrations than by giving our love one an amazing music CD? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

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An exotic sparkling ruby red diamond topaz ring. This unique ring will sparkle in a crowd, be admired at dinner parties, and be worn every day as the centerpiece of your evening wear. Your loved one will never go wrong with this exquisite piece of jewellery. These anniversary gifts for men are affordable so don't hesitate to add a few bucks here and there for that special man in your life. You know you're getting the best of both worlds here!

A traditional, elegant violin. Violins have always been symbols of elegance and class, symbolizing passion, love, longing, desire and trust in a marriage. Your special man will certainly appreciate a gift like this to celebrate your 23th anniversary, as well as your entire marriage. This violin will not only mark your marriage celebrations, but will also serve as a reminder of how far you've come since your first dance as a married couple.

A comfortable black leather and suede pair of jeans. If you were really hoping to score something for your husband on this special occasion, this would be it. Your husband's favorite part about these jeans is that they fit perfectly, which makes them perfect for celebrating your 23rd anniversary. It will surely bring a smile to his face to know that even after all these years, he still loves you!

A traditional 23rd wedding anniversary gift with a sports theme. If you have a husband who adores sports, this is a very suitable theme for your gifts. A sports serving tray and case would be ideal for the sports nuts in your life.

A white topaz ring and sapphire studded setting. Your man will be overjoyed to know that he has such a fine gift to celebrate your 23rd anniversary. The ring is set with a large blue sapphire, while the sapphire is set in a clear blue topaz. The sapphire is surrounded by a yellow center stone and white prong band. A great choice of gifts for your husband to celebrate this special occasion.

A cuff bracelet for his wrist. Do not worry if he is not the type who wears bracelets, this special gift will still delight him. Get him a white gold serving tray, a silver service set and a sterling silver bracelet with this special gift. He will surely love this wonderful birthday present.

An exquisite silver or Gold plated ring with a genuine rose dipped pearl. This extraordinary ring will make your man's eyes light up. With this gift, he cannot possibly forget this special occasion as long as he lives. A real rose dipped pearl is placed in the center of the ring with a white gold or silver band around it. You can choose from a myriad of designs and styles with this stunning jewelry.

A stunning silver plated watch for your man. A luxury timepiece is always a good option for an anniversary gift. Make your man wonder at such a big present. Get him this handsome timepiece along with a pair of diamond cuff bracelets. This unique gift will be the talk of your party when your loved one receives it at home. Treat your beloved wife to a pair of gold plated love birds.

Other 23rd anniversary gifts worth giving include items with real crystals like a silver heart pendant, silver pendant, heart shaped diamond pendant, a silver pendant with a birthstone and so on. These crystal necklaces are available at different prices depending on the design and style they carry. Some are priced higher than others depending on their carat size, clarity, cut and clarity. Items with real crystals are truly a steal when it comes to special occasions.

Picking out a classy ring as a gift also requires some thought. You might want to get him something classy yet not very expensive. So you can try out the faux precious metals rings that are made from silver-dipped rose silver. These rings have a real shine and glimmer and look elegant enough to wear on your partner's finger. With these rings you can choose the style and design that suits both your budget and your partner's taste.

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